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Ghost Hunters Anthology 02 – Speculative Mystery Parables

Ghost Hunters Anthology 02 - Speculative Mystery ParablesThe Continuing Saga of the Ghost Hunters

A mystery-detective writer is recruited by two enticing young spirit guides, who are capable of transporting him through space and time to solve the problems of ghosts stuck in this dimension.

A follow-up anthology with their continuing adventures, as they further explore the unseen enemies they face who want to keep the ghosts haunting here.

As well, the relationships between a young man and two very female guides develop as they continue working side-by-side. All learning from their various adventures and mysteries.

This anthology contains:

  • The Haunted Ghost
  • Faith
  • Harpy
  • The Ghost Who Loved
Excerpt from The Haunted Ghost:

Jude and Sal phased in like before. They phased me outside, on a rock outcropping outside a second floor window opening. Narrow, but still wide enough if there wasn’t a harsh wind or earthquake.

The apparition started as before, with the lady in white with the single rose walking toward the two. I could see the whole scene from outside.

Then the floor dropped out, but Sal and Jude kept standing like nothing happened.

The walls had returned to their actual state, and a bright moon was shining down from above, lighting the open walls.

The face on the lady was one of shock. She had quit screaming once she saw that Sal and Jude hadn’t changed position, but were smiling at her. This was my cue.

“Hey, over here! Can you help me? I just had some simple questions for you. Please come here, I’d like to hear your thoughts and your story,” I said, as enthusiastic as I could, given that I couldn’t move anywhere safely on that narrow ledge.

The lady glided towards me and again put the rose between her two hands. My asking questions, from what should have been a solid wall, really threw her off her game.

She was puzzled, a slight frown on her face. “Why do you want to ask me questions? No one has ever wanted to know my opinion…”

“Since when?” I asked.

“Well, it’s been, let’s see. Probably three hundred years now.” The lady replied.

“What was the last event you remember?” I asked.

“It was Reginald coming to ask me a rude question, about my birthright. And I started shouting at him. Then there was some tremor underground and the floor collapsed, followed by the floor above us. And I’ve been here ever since.” She finished.

“Was there something you didn’t get to say or do before the floor collapsed?” I asked.

Actually, Reginald was right. I was only pretending to be the Countess. The Count and I had never officially married. After the Count died, it was only a matter of time before I was found out. But he hadn’t told me where he had locked up the Treasury, where the tax money was stored. And I had to find that before I did anything else, or I would find myself back as a peasant girl again, just as when I first met the Count.” Her downcast eyes told the shame of her secret.

“What’s your name, if I may be so bold,” I asked.

“Countess – er, Faith.” At that she smiled, and her face took a glow.

“Well Faith, the days of peasants are long gone, and in most places on this planet, a person can earn a good living without having to marry into a fortune, so if you decide to try this again, you might find our current world a better place to live in,” I said.

“Thank you, kind sir. It seems I have an appointment right now,” she turned and looked off into the distance beyond the old castle walls. “But if I do get the opportunity to ‘try this again’ I’ll remember your advice. And let me thank you once more. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this favor.”

She then smiled like the beauty her Count had fallen in love with. Turning, she walked across the missing floor and vanished before she reached the castle wall on the other side.

At that, Sal and Jude walked across the ‘floor’ and through the wall to each take one of my arms, standing with me on that thin ledge of parapet rock.

“Another great job done well,” Jude said.

“And another improbable sleuthing completed, eh Lestrade?” Sal asked.

“Hey I thought it was my turn to be Watson…” fumed Jude.

“Ladies, ladies – one at a time, each in their turn,” I said with a smile.

The two gals smiled at me, then winked at each other and walked me backwards into space like a solid floor was there. But I could see the cliffs beneath my feet hundreds of yards below, with all types of birds flitting back and forth in between the rocks far below and my own feet.

So I grabbed their arms tightly from reflex…

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The Haunted Ghost – Speculative Mystery Parable – Marpel

The Haunted Ghost - Speculative Mystery Parable - MarpelThis ghost was haunted by someone or something else.

None of her doing, but prevented her from moving on. Everytime someone would try to talk to her, the castle around her started collapsing on that visitor.

John Earl Stark was given this assignment with the help of his spirit-guides Sal, and Jude. Unlike the others they had completed together, this one required skills they never before had to develop. A double haunting. And mortal risk.

In this story, John, Sal, and Jude also explore an undercurrent of their deepening relationships.

This story adds to The Ghost Hunters saga with a new part, as their cosy paranormal mysteries continue.


“I don’t know why castles and ghosts always seem to need dark and overcast weather to be so dramatic.” I said when the shimmering stopped.

We were at the castle in one of the upper rooms. A high, vaulted roof was partially still intact overhead. There were only blank walls, and the floor had a massive hole in it, directly below the missing roof portion. Sal and Jude both had lit spectrals in their hands. Little blue-white flames that appeared just off the tip of one finger. Bright enough to show what a person needed to see, but too bright to look at directly.

I’d read about these, but this was the first I’d seen either of them using one.

Sal nodded, “These should help with the general gloom. Just to give you the layout.”

Jude added, “We are going to put them out and stand over to each side as lookouts. When the specter shows up the room will be bright enough. But don’t wait to engage her. We think the light is what brings the interference.’

At that, they both moved away from me, skirting the piles of rubble that appeared here and there across the floor.

They extinguished their spectrals and we waited.

Not long.

A yellow-greenish light appeared and a woman walked in from beyond the wall, dressed in some white linen with some sort of gold or light tan rope that crossed her chest and circled her waist. Fetching, even in the light she gave. From her knees down, she fades to transparent, and the movement of her knees and hips, along her forward motion were the only indicators she was walking. Both hands held a single tapered candle in front of her. The greenish light came from its tip. But there wasn’t a natural shadow below her, or an unnatural one. It simply went dark before and after her. The light seemed to go through her as well, like a glowing sphere of light that had nothing to do with a flame. It showed up the wall as she came through it, then faded as she walked away from it and toward me.

I could see well enough to know that there were no rubble piles between us. I started walking immediately in her direction, with a long pasture-covering gate. “Hey there! What’s your name and how can I help you?”

The specter stopped at this, a puzzled look crossing her face. “I’m Margaret. And, sir, who are you?”

“Call me John. Do you know what date it is?”

Margaret’s puzzlement turned into a frown. “The 4th of January.”

“Can you tell me what year it is?”

The frown deepened. “1898, of course. Are you jesting with me? Everyone here knows…” She took one arm to include the room and an expected audience but found only the bare walls, and myself standing in front of her. “I think you are playing a trick on me, sir. Where have you hidden the party? What have you done with the party decorations, the tapestries, the long tables of food and drink?”

“Margaret, this isn’t some sort of jest. You’ve been dead for some time…”


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Ghost Hunters Anthology 07 – Speculative Fiction Parables

Ghost Hunters Anthology 07 - Speculative Fiction ParablesThe adventures of the Ghost Hunters continue – with more exotic locations and hair-raising paranormal adventures than ever before:

– A time-bender is pursued by government-types in black SUV’s who want to trap and “study” her abilities. But she turns the table on their advanced electronics to escape and make their gizmo’s worthless.

– When a spirit guide is required to be attorney for the defense, she is conflicted.  Since she agrees with many of the charges. Her plaintiff: Humanity itself. The penalty if found guilty: complete eradication.

– Our time-bender returns, as the government agents have forced her into hiding. But they are also now tracking the rest of the Ghost Hunter team. So this begins an all-out war, which is over before they knew they were under attack…

– A government experiment goes, and a revenge-driven immortal finds himself uncontrollably radioactive once a year as result. The birthday of him and his dead brother. Only the Ghost Hunter team can keep him from destroying huge areas…

– An ear-wig was the clue to solving this mystery. And uncovering a secret that the ghost herself didn’t know she had.

Includes: Book Universes Notes – so you can have access to the background stories of the characters and the references they make to earlier Ghost Hunters books.

These short stories are perfect for filling the bits of time you have.

Where you can be transported to new worlds, educated with new concepts, even inspired – all from your smartphone.

This Anthology Containing:

– A World Gone Reverse by J. R. Kruze, S. H. Marpel
– The Faith of Jude by S. H. Marpel
– A Very Thin Line by S. H. Marpel
– Dark Lazurai by J. R. Kruze
– Lilly Lee by S. H. MarpelExcerpt:

I WAS MINDING MY OWN business when they found me, flying among the clouds without an airplane.

One of the perks of being an immortal spirit-guide. I could always simply “phase” from here to there instantly, but I liked to fly. Easier than any bird. I only put a little energy shield against the wind and weather (otherwise her clothing soils and her hair gets “ratty”). But it let the fresh air through (although I heated it a little if it felt too cool.)

The day was fantastic. Bright sunshine streamed through the cloud gaps, and the arbitrary divisions in the land ownership below made a varied patchwork of the land. Different crops, tillage, and wilder areas were always interesting to look over from a “what if” and “how come” viewpoint. Much like John wrote his stories.

And that was where I was headed, to his little writer’s cabin in the Midwest. I had some time off, and enough so I could luxuriate in this slow method of travel.

For all the history I’d lived through, it still pointed out that the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Humans hadn’t changed much in 10,000 years, if at all. And even those of us who’d managed to “evolve” into spirit-beings, we were still very much the humans that we’d started out as. Older, more experienced, but wiser was whether we really wanted to learn from all that experience.

And I’d get twinges of sadness reflecting like that. Because not all of the spirit-guides I’d known had made it. Just as gods and goddesses, just because you’re immortal doesn’t mean you can’t be killed…

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