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Two Ghost’s Salvation, Book One – New Fiction by S. H. Marpel

Two Ghost's Salvation, Book One - New Fiction Writing by S. H. Marpel

In the days when people were owned by the land, two young girls found their power by becoming ghosts, then spirit guides. 

This is their origin-story…

Their parents were serfs, and belonged to two different dukedoms. Falling in love endangered them both. Becoming pregnant with twins made this even worse.

Their Dad had to raise them by himself, as Mother died shortly after birthing them. But her spirit remained on Earth to watch over them. Sal and Jude could see her, and knew their Dad could feel her presence.

But the problem in survival was staying hidden, because they were on hunting land the King claimed as his own. And forces were at work to find them…

Two Ghost’s Salvation, Book One – New Fiction by S. H. Marpel


We were both born as twins. But as you can see, we were never identical. Jude had black hair and I had blond. And our Da told us that we were more alike than not, otherwise. We liked to drink our milk and smile and gurgle. And neither of us cried much.

But we didn’t know our Ma much, well not at first. She caught a fever a few days after we were born and died soon after. Da was upset by this, but he often told us that our smiles and gurgles took all the pain away. That, and when he went out to hunt that night, he found a white and black spotted milk goat who had wandered off into the woods and was following him around as he tried to hunt. Her udders were full, and looked tight and painful to Da. So he took the goat home to us, so we could have some milk until he could find where she had wandered off from.

It was that night where we saw our Ma again. She was smiling at us, and we smiled back. Da couldn’t see her, so he didn’t understand why we were so happy. But with full bellies, we went to sleep and Da milked the rest from that goat and put the milk into skins to make into cheese. Then he tethered the goat right outside the hut to graze.

He never did find out who that goat belonged to. No farm around us was missing any. And we had that goat until we could eat solid food, Da said. And then it wandered off again one day. But it wasn’t the last time both tame and wild life around our cabin would take care of us.

We grew like sprouts, Da told us. Soon we were walking and getting into trouble. When he went off to hunt food for us to eat, he soon devised a system of tying us to opposite corners of the cabin, just long enough to not get us tangled with each other or anything else. Everything up and out of our reach, and secured so it couldn’t fall on us.

What he didn’t know is that the mice and birds would come to entertain us while he was gone. We would hear symphonies by the birds, and watch balancing and tumbling acts by the mice. And we knew Da was close when they would combine the most dramatic action with the trilling accompaniment of the birds. And when the door opened, the birds and mice would vanish, leaving us smiling and clapping just as Da opened the door with some game he had caught.

. . .

In those days, the land wasn’t owned by people, it was all property of the King or Queen or Prince, depending on who was in power when. And where the land was deeded to a local count or baron, the property title could be withdrawn at any time.

People were property of the land. And were supposed to stay with it. Our family, our Da and Ma, were from two different deeds. They’d met at a trading festival and fell in love.

Both Dukes wanted both of them, or would be just as happy to split them up so they could re-mate to someone else within the land deed they belonged to. But our parents eloped into hiding – and away from everyone they knew, to keep their families and themselves safe.

And of course, Da and Ma loved each other very much. When Ma found she was pregnant, that made the problem very serious. You can’t split a child…

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Voices – New Fiction by J. R. Kruze – Clean Romance

Voices - New J. R. Kruze Clean Romance

Are our dogs smarter than we are about our own love life?

John woke one morning to his dog talking in his head, telling he needed to exercise, eat, and dress better, since he was about to meet the love of his life.
Jo’s own dog told her how to dress that day and what to do in order to meet someone special.
All just in thoughts in their head. Of course, they couldn’t tell anyone that their dog’s had suddenly become telepathic.
But when John started talking to the young woman in front of him at a coffee shop he hardly ever visited. And when Jo met him for lunch “accidentally”, then set up a date the next day on an impulse.
You had to think those voices in their heads maybe had already figured this all out…
**Another clean, feel-good romance from J. R. Kruze – for lovers and dog afficianado’s everywhere.**


Beau, my black cockapoo mix, made me get some exercise that morning, and picked out that scarf for me. Even though it was going to be a hot day out. I thought dogs were color blind, but apparently not so much. The yellows and golds in that scarf were to pull attention to my face, as Beau considered my russet blouse to be too boring.

Yes, he was in my head all morning. And had a few comments about the pounds I needed to lose. At least he was used to me walking around in my underwear as I tried different slacks until finally settling on a charcoal-gray mid-length skirt that would narrow my hips a bit.

Funny, but Beau said bigger hips were more becoming, it was a taut tummy and waist that were the real points to work on. The contrast made the rest stand out as accents.

How dogs figure this stuff out – was because they spend so much time around humans? Or just their listening to the hen-clucking that goes on between friends?

Yes, they understand English – or whatever language we seem to think in, anyway.

He made sure I didn’t make my own brew this morning. Told the business center had perfectly good coffee, plus I was supposed to meet someone in a tan corduroy jacket today. While waiting in line somewhere.

I wondered about how he knew all this stuff while I was driving to work. Funny how leaving just 15 minutes earlier meant less traffic and an easier drive…

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Falling – New Fiction by S. H. Marpel

Falling - New S. H. Marpel Paranormal Cozy Mystery

It all started with visiting a city where falling was “up”.

And brought John, Sal, and Jude into a situation they’d never seen before.

Ghosts are a problem of when the soul is left over after the body dies. Solving those scenes are simple for the Ghost Hunters.

But what happens when the soul disappears and the body remains? How do you solve that?

It takes all the resources of their team to solve this mystery. Plenty of clues laying around.

John Earl Stark has already faced worse than death – and now his choice was beyond hell or heaven, beyond even an afterlife…


Once our shimmering stopped, we immediately began to fall upward. Gaining speed at 32 feet per second per second. Falling toward the sky.

And once we got about halfway there, we were falling as fast as we possibly could, owing to air friction, and if Sal hadn’t thought to put us in a bubble kind of force-shield, we might have run out of breath and died. Because you can’t get much air into your lungs at that speed.

Jude, Sal and I were falling up.

And after awhile, some 30,000 feet or so I figured – about the same altitude that jet planes fly – we started to see the new “down” we were falling toward. A second set of clouds were ahead of us, but these were opposite to the ones we had been through.

Like the big puffy cumulus clouds we’d been falling through, but now in reverse. They got thicker as we fell through them, just as they had gotten thinner when we had fallen up into the earlier sky.

We were also slowing as we went, barely perceptible at this speed..

The new land below us was still racing toward us. It was another landscape entirely. We had first arrived in a city, a crosswalk across a busy city street. Now we were falling toward a rural, even pastoral setting. Past balloons floating in the high atmosphere, where people with breathing masks and insulated suits were pointing at us. For that was all they could do, since we were out of the grasp for any rescue. Even if we had been, the shock of our hitting their balloon would have torn a hole though any fabric and left them to plummet as we already were.

Our force-shield was protecting us and allowing us to breathe. But we were so much like an over-sized round cannon ball to the world around us. Sal was working to keep the birds away from our path, although the bugs tended to accumulate as we got toward the ground, like those that impact on wind shields when driving through swarms on a highway. Jude worked her own spells to clear these away so we could keep seeing through the shield – or as she put it, “wouldn’t get too grossed-out.”

We were also continuing to now obviously slow as we went.

So by the time we nearly hit the ground, it was almost like reaching the end of a bungee cord. A quick deceleration and a smooth stop.

But like that bungee cord, we didn’t. We only started falling back up again…

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