Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dyson: treating content as free

Economic sense and sensibility - read the whole article. She takes some digesting in this one.

Wired 3.07: Intellectual Value:

"I am not saying that content is worthless, or that you will always get it for free. Content providers should manage their businesses as if it were free, and then figure out how to set up relationships or develop ancillary products and services that cover the costs of developing content. Or players may simply try their hands at creative endeavors based on service, not content assets: filtering content, hosting online forums, rating others' (free) content, custom programming, consulting, or performing. The creator who writes off the costs of developing content immediately - as if it were valueless - is always going to win over the creator who can't figure out how to cover those costs. The way to become a leading content provider may be to start by giving your content away. This 'generosity' isn't a moral decision: it's a business strategy."

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