Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Advantages of sprouts for ruminants (and others)

Interesting angle: we use pond water for our cattle and normal outside farm use. It has more nutrients than "city water" we humans use. So sprouts grown with fish-fertilized water will possibly pull far more nutrients in for feed quality.

Another point here on plant design: use a screen over the top of a bucket and simply invert the bucket to drain. Easier for testing. Rinsing is done the same way - right the bucket, fill with water, then invert.

"As the sprouting process continues, carbohydrates are made easier to assimilate. Complex proteins are converted into more simple amino acids and fats are changed into fatty acids, which are easily digested soluble compounds. Vitamin C, along with some other vitamins found only in trace amounts in the seed, is produced in larger amounts during sprouting. In addition, sprouts absorb minerals and vital trace elements from the water used to grow and rinse them. Moreover, the minerals in sprouts are chelated; that is, in their natural state, they are chemically bound to amino acids, so that they are easily assimilated by the human body. Sprouts which turn green are rich in chlorophyll."

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