Thursday, October 06, 2005

More data on sprouted corn - still lack of studies

While this reference has some advice on storing sprouted corn/grains, salient point is to feed any moldy corn only to fattening calves, not pregnant cows. Still no studies on sprouted corn.

What to Do With Sprouted Grains? - Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives:

"Wet and humid weather during the harvest season can result in an abundance of sprouted grain available to the livestock feeding industry. Feeding trials with beef cattle, pigs and poultry show that sprouting has no effect on feed value. Data from Alberta and various American universities show the performance of livestock fed sprouted grains is similar to that of livestock fed non-sprouted grains albeit, some reduction in intake of sprouted grain may be observed. Thus, it is advisable to blend in sprouted grains in finishing rations; when feeding to cows or backgrounding calves; this should not be an issue. Sprouted grains should be fed by weight and not by volume."

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