Monday, August 28, 2006

Go Thunk Yourself - the blog

Here's something interesting for you - just blogged this book and have it on POD lines as well. I've got the PDF ready, as well as chapters, so I'll get these posted to the blog over the next couple of days.

Currently, trying to update my understanding about how this marketing stuff works. Got some more free downloads and all. Just need to squeeze more time to get them read...

Go Thunk Yourself: "Currently, I've been working on the final form and should have a downloadable PDF file for you soon. The argument I've had is to make this available on only a per-chapter basis or all at once. One side says that you have the chapters available all online right now, so what is the difference. Another argument is that many eyes can see the editing errors in the final proof before I send it to a Print-On-Demand publisher.

As well, differences between the print and online edition need to be scoured for and corrected.

The point here is probably to take my own advice and release the PDF to the viewing public. When these pages complete their initial reason for existing, I'll have a finished book which is able to be published in hardcopy format -- version 1.0. This doesn't mean it will be out of beta."

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