Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Resources for Independent, Self Published and Small Press Writers

There is a dinosaur out there, called mass advertising, which doesn't know how to die. Practically, we are all working ourselves into the Long Tail through our own preferences and the inability of one size to fit all. Find your niche, and then expand from that niche", is the mantra of Mark Victor Hansen. Don't pay for expensive ads - guerilla market to those who are interested only in your product for their own use.

Resources for Independent, Self Published and Small Press Writers:
* Paying for ads on TV, radio, and in magazines, newspapers and billboards is expensive and has a very low return rate, especially for books by a first time or relatively unknown author.
* Put another way, they are a lot of money for few sales.
* Most authors who attempt these ads end up barely breaking even or losing money!
* The reason is that most books are only of interest to a limited audience. When you buy a large advertisement like a billboard, you are paying to market to everyone at once, when really only 5% of the marketing is actually interested in your topic.
* Besides, use some of the suggestions coming up and you will find that there is no reason to pay for an ad in these mediums since you can have your product mentioned on TV, radio or in the news for Free!"
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