Monday, December 25, 2006

Current Directions - a bit muddled, but fairly clear...

Here's a nuts-and-bolts review of what has happened, what the plans are, and how I'm getting along/there.

This work to find the underlying system is basically complete. Through this book series and the timely publishing and finding of "The Secret" DVD, I've recently come to the apparent bottom line of this Universe, at least the end of finding basic laws that explain why and how things work. I knew I had reached the end, as all things started to be explained - I found myself only in applications with no further unanswered questions. (There are things which are unanswered, like a suitable metaphor/structure of God, but such things are beyond the scope of humankind's understanding at this level - at least for now...)

Next is simply to start really living life as I see fit, with the purpose which has found me (which has actually be chasing me my entire life). This is, of course, through my artwork, which is mostly cartoons and charicatures. I've got some books coming this week on cartooning, which should cap off the data I need to break into this field. I'll just start doing it and then find my way as I go - trusting that the universe will tell me what to do next to achieve the success already internalized and nascent.

Already, I know that while I need to become syndicated in the newspapers, I know that I primarily have to publish on the web and create my own branded distribution system/organization - due to the fact that newspapers have been consistently losing circulation numbers at least since the Internet became really popular and widespread. I also have to ensure that my production isn't limited through contracts, such as Watterson went through - such that he pulled the plug on his production, apparently, as he was straitjacketed through his contract, but also had artistic considerations about licensing and brand-extensions. (And that is a whole study in and of itself, the corporate world which contains and forwards the artists' message.)

The plan is that I've created a "cartoon empire" of sorts, netting me personal tidy profit (most of which goes back to various non-profit work and other charity, as well as continuing research into this humankind experience we share). After some 20 years of this, I've turned it over to competent apprentices to continue the work, so that I can concentrate on philosophy and fine art - which themselves sell well, another fortune to share.

It's an odd way to promote my books, but perfectly within reason. If you want to understand my artwork, then read my books - something these modern artists and their explanatory monographs have set the stage for. But actually, I'm only working to figure out how and why we're/I'm here - as well as where this predicts we are going. I've got a few hints already, and all of the ground rules, but I'm sure more teachers will show up when I'm ready.

My farmwork is continuing to keep me grounded. Continually fixing things which break on this farm, as well as caring for livestock and pets - not to mention husbanding the small woods we have - keeps me more than oriented to creating more life and higher quality therein.

I am completely ahead, years ahead, of this curve. And interestingly, a lot of my work will be more accessible through Internet searches rather than daily feeds. PDF's will hold more data than will be available through my blogs and various postings. And so this gives a reason to have the bulk of my writings in downloadable as well as hardcopy books. Also a reason to freeze certain blogs and leave them as reference points.

My artwork will always have a philosophic background, which will link to various quoted authors, but also to online blog pages where I've written on this subject. As I can, I'll review these posts to link them more concisely and accurately. But there is time enough for art if you act in the present.

For now, these notes, which may seem a bit sketchy, but are factually prophetic. Don't worry, be happy - my artwork cometh.

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