Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Drop dead journalism - they make more money when people drop dead

You got to love the Internet, which enables you to find nuggets like this or ignore them. Cable/Network TV doesn't - other than 500 channels of mundane silliness.

These guys drop that idea that "globalization has it its high-water mark and begun to recede..." without a single example or quote to support it. In other words, this is simply an op-ed piece disquised as "news".

They ignore the results of increased trade, which is that there are changes in these countries politically. China and Vietnam no longer have pure totalitarian regimes, no longer pure Communist, but a blend and melange of democratic reforms and what they had before.

Communism, like capitalism, is designed to have a few getting rich and the bulk making a lot less. The difference is that in a capitalistic democratic republic, any one can get rich. Those that stay poor have made the various choices to do so. Many experiments have been done which test this and they all come out the same - if you want to get rich in America, you can do so.

What globalization is doing is to make greater opportunities in China, Russia and other countries so that any one can change their world and improve their lives.

But it's long from dying or even decreasing. Markets are expanding and interacting all over the planet. Friedman talked about the McDonald peace theory and also the Dell conflict-prevention theory - that as the standards of living raise, people don't have war with each other; that as production lines interact and cross boundaries, nations are less and less inclined to have war with each other - since they would simply be cutting off the wealth being invested in that country.

Going down this line, you see the nations on this planet now devoted against eliminating a non-national form of warfare. Extremist jihadism and other terrorism is the final last gasp of the non-globalized populations on this planet. As we bring more countries closer to being cross-involved with other countries, we will have greater and greater peace. As we plunk down our factories in foriegn countries and get them locally (not nationally) controlled, we will see a vast increase in interaction and so less conflagration.

(You can see that Iran and Venezuela are going down some very dark paths - that as Chavez continues to nationalize his industries and become installed for life as dictator, his country will have some nasty surprises coming in. Not to mention that our innovation in America will be dropping oil prices as we move away from our dependence/addiction to foriegn oil.)

Fill a need is the scene that runs this planet. AKA scratch my itch. And that is why globalization continues to expand, changing with every country it enters as the chameleon shifts its colors - still the same beastie, like it or not.

ZNet |East Asia | Capitalism and Democracy: Iron Fist Economics: "Democracy, FPIF columnist Walden Bello argues, has already helped to slow down the spread of unfettered markets through globalization. It's but one of several reasons why globalization has hit its high-water mark and begun to recede. Sam Pizzigati provides some additional statistics to demonstrate that globalization has helped the few, not the many, and international financial institutions govern on behalf of a global wealthy elite. And Dave Ranney shows in detail how McDonald's has needed McDonnell Douglas: the U.S. military has been a key element in promoting the U.S. economic agenda."

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