Thursday, February 08, 2007

Free Energy, naturally existing

Bearden is the real thing - gone outside the box on the whole electricity thing to recognize that we can freely tap the energy that surrounds us and run an automobile off its single battery for weeks without recharging. Over-unity.

The Tom Bearden Website: "The entire universe is filled with mind boggling free energy everywhere, in the simplest of things. Simply scrape your feet on the carpet, and you will collect perhaps 2,000 'volts' on your body. At that time, hidden EM energy is flowing from every point in the universe to your body, and from your body back to every point in the universe. We know that all macroscopic matter is filled with stupendous amounts of electrical charge. So an incredible river of energy -- a great flux -- is driving every single thing, from the smallest to the largest. Opening a gate to extract trapped EM energy is simple. Just collect a bit of charge, or scrape your feet hard, or comb your hair briskly. All we have to do is not be stupid and close the gate once we've got it opened!

God has been most kind. We have nothing but free energy everywhere. All energy is furnished to us freely! It's our own blindness that has made us into energy source killers. All we have to do is open our eyes to the truth of nature's incredible energy bounty. We must just freely collect that bountiful fruit from Nature's tree, instead of chopping down the tree and killing it.


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