Monday, February 26, 2007

How articles are replacing SEO and adsense campaigns

Below is the very simple reason for working to get articles out and also radio interviews. Fresh content that drives traffic to you.

That you generate the traffic is called promotion and marketing. "Two of the most important elements of getting high search engine rankings are to have fresh targeted content and to have links from other sites pointing to your site. The search engines believe that if your site has a lot of links pointing to it from other sites that your site must be important for that topic and places your site higher in their rankings.

By writing articles you can create both elements at the same time. A new article provides fresh targeted content. By learning how to promote your articles to other websites, you will then get one way links to your site.

So if you were writing and promoting an article a week, you train the search engines to visit your site once a week looking for updates. Your fresh content will be given priority in search results over older material from other stagnant sites."

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