Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What to avoid in order to keep your ariticle alive and kicking

The below forum entry talks about the plight of machine-driven articles. While the "software" she talks about is actually a script-driven website, it apparently is leaving a little moniker at the end of each article, so such articles can be identified and junked.

I ran into one program called "Article Distributor" which did just that. Might as well aim for the ankle while you're shooting yourself in the foot.

As long as articles are edited by humans, you need to make sure you have human articles. Means you don't let some program write them for you and it means that you use a program to assist you logging on to each site and copy/pasting your article into their boxes. So the best program you will have is always semi-automatic. Saves you a bunch of hours, but doesn't flood the web with machine-driven junk by trying to satisfy someone's need for instant gratification.

Article submission software: "
My site receives articles submitted through a software called Article Marketer. I believe article writers purchase the software, and the articles are submitted to a long list of websites that accept article submissions.

Though for me, I typically junk submissions receive through that software because either they are totally irrelevant to my topic; or because I know that hundreds of other editors will be using the same content. I receive like 200-300 articles from that software everyday from different authors. Frankly, it's driving me nuts. Banning article submissions from that software is one of the things that I will be working on in the next few days. "
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