Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You don't even need a website to make money on the Internet

Just a short post, because there is another datum which has recently gone by the way. Like the passing of the brick-and-mortar store, you also don't have to invest hugely into a website.

You will still have to work hard and to learn a lot of things, but people are now willing to host your content and take care of your sales back-end while you get the credit.

You still need to build a presence, but you don't have to build a huge ecommerce store and manage it yourself, learn all the latest scripting languages, and be able to run a server from the command line.

Many people are making tons of money with a simple eBay store - or simply selling on eBay with only their name to show for it. Blogging can be done all on Blogger (Google's free service) with only your name - if you are any good, you'll get traffic and then can make money with Adsense. will host your books and CDs plus take credit cards for them, will create your T-shirts and even underwear with your artwork, DeviantArt will print your posters - all for their take of your fee. But you don't have to pay a hosting company to do any of this.

Sure, they have their name in your storefront - but the each have search/browse functions which enable a person to find your stuff without having to cruise directly to your site first.

Now, you can have the best of both worlds - buy a domain name and then point it to your Lulu or other host. This means you have a simple phrase you can market - people can remember a cute phrase and type it in, arriving at your storefront on their own.

But if you simply do all the marketing and such to bring people directly to your own storefront, you can ignore the backend and let them take care of it. Your concerns are simply:
  1. Having an incredibly valuable service available,
  2. Spending some time each week effectively marketing it,
  3. Investing the rest of your quality time during the week in yourself.
- - - -

Just a short note. There's a lot more coming. Did I mention I'm writing a book on it? That's one of the best ways I've found to learn something new - or expand on what you already know.

I just read a short note by Jay Abraham and realized that the Internet Universe had shifted since he wrote it - and had to let you know.

My storefront?

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