Wednesday, May 09, 2007

General plans, publishing et. al...

This might be interesting to you. I was listening to Robert Allen yesterday and found I was following his lines of advice.

Of course, being set out here in the middle of nowhere requires I make use of the Internet as an income source.

You may have seen that I've published two books recently, Autoresponder Magic & Million Dollar Emails, plus Autoresponder Secrets Exposed! and the TrafficJam Formula.

These were to get some of the incredible data out I've been studying and available for all who want to market their goods on the web.

Otherwise, I've been hard at work finding, editing, and publishing classics in the Law of Attraction Classics series - as is my research bent of late.

But I haven't abandoned all that work I'd been doing on marketing - in fact, it is about to take off with some real tests.

When I finish the last of the books in this series and get it all ready for you to download or print, I'm going to edit a master work of essays on the subject and then apply the whole autoresponder/article marketing scene to it. Once I have it tested, then I'll finish writing that book on the subject and market it as well.

Of course, that means going back to my other books and getting the A/R's and articles out on them... so I'll be a bit busy just cleaning up my storefront and making all this accessible to you. But you'll get the benefit of my research, as I'll be providing free ecourses based on the tons of books I've been studying. And newsletters so you can get helpful quotes and news every week to keep you supported in the path you choose.

Once I get all the books I need to write out of my skin (there's another Go Thunk Yourself volume in the planning), then I'll go over to artwork and apply much of this marketing data to that area.

And there are plans, plans, plans after that - but I'd get ahead of myself to tell you all that, since they change and evolve regularly.

Just wanted to put this down for the record.

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