Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm running for President. A Common Man for an Uncommon job...

Figure that I might as well throw my hat in this overlarge ring.

I'll enter as an independent - that will give me a greater challenge.

My platform:

I. Taxes:
Taxes are a necessary evil - for now. Get rid of taxes on production and adopt taxes on consumption. Adopt the Fair Tax. Abolish the Income Tax.

II. War on Terror:
a. Finish what we started. Seal the Iran and Syrian borders to Iraq - capital punishment for all smugglers. Give the current strategy enough time and money to work.
b. Set up bio-fuel industries to replace poppy crops in Afghanistan, along with establishing pre-built factories there. Continue squeezing Iran and Syria financially, while encouraging Iranian people to move to Afghanistan where there are more jobs.
c. Terrorism thrives on 1) Welfare systems and high unemployment, 2) Human rights violations. Get the State Department distributing micro loans to individuals which encourage entrepreneurship. Expand pre-built factory concept above into all countries - increasing global personal wealth - and responsibility. Meanwhile, get these "Human Rights" groups active in these areas to get people to improve their own conditions - through joint State Department projects.
d. Align our Foreign Aid to making individuals more able - not lining bureaucrats' pockets.

III. Government:
"That government governs best which governs least."
a. Government has one purpose - protect commerce and individual property rights. Eliminate all social programs - finance their sun-setting through the streamlined tax base above.
b. Representation is of and by the people - these are not career jobs. Establish 12-year term limits on all Senators and Representatives.
c. Balanced budget and surpluses returned as tax rebates. Eliminate all pork projects, by vetoing every bill containing pork until Congress gets the message. Privatize all possible government services, as private businesses are more efficient. Hold their feed to the fire - make accountability a watchword for all government activities.
d. Require a sunset provision on all new laws, such that they expire unless renewed. Revise ALL current laws so that they contain a sunset provision. Then our laws start reflecting the will of the people, not some vested interests of 50 years ago or more.

IV. Abortion:
Let the courts continue working it out. Appoint only strict Constitutionalist judges to the bench.

V. Immigration:
1. Enforce the current laws we have.
2. Establish un-forge-able temporary worker ID's which can only be obtained in Mexico - and have two-year limit. Violation: can't get another ID without a hefty fine. Open up ID offices on the Mexican side of the border near every major crossing town. Expand this system to other Central and South American countries.
3. Remove all limits on temporary workers - as long as they have ID's.
4. Arrest and deport any violations - and those who commit crimes or go on welfare, such that they cannot or will not work.
5. They pay consumption taxes like everyone elses (see above), however they cannot go onto Social Security (it's being sun-setted above).

The results are that we will be flooded with investments and workers, which will then boom the economy. By creating a rising tide internationally, we float all boats - which eliminates terrorist breeding grounds.

The bottom line is to get the government out of peoples' hair and their pockets, so people can get on with the job of making their way through life.

- - - -

Yes, all this is mildly radical - but it's rather common sense. And it is only radical as "conventional wisdom" has departed from common sense.

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