Friday, June 08, 2007

Optimist Creed - as featured by "The Secret" - also forces a revision

Here's an interesting way marketing and book production is done today:

Just got an email from the folks at "The Secret" which pointed to a nice multimedia version of "The Optimist's Creed" by Christian D. Larson. Very nice. And there's a printable PDF you can download.

This was interesting, since I had just edited and published a book from Larson's works - Law of Attraction: The Ideal Made Real. I found that this creed was in his "Your Power and How to Use It", which is the second half of this book (Chapter One, page 147).

But my version didn't have it formatted so you would know it was a creed.

So I pulled it out and found that section and updated it so it was bulleted and more useful. Then I updated the Introduction to highlight that page, then saved it all as a PDF.

Opening up the Lulu site, I then revised my edition to include this new data, and even updated the cover and opening description. AND - made the preview so that you can find this creed and read it online (page 147 of my book - but you may want to get the download).

All in a matter of about a half-hour from when I got that email.

Great stuff we are able to do in marekting and production these days...

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