Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Handling all your niche article markets from one program

Here's what I've been looking for, a partial list of their benefits (others being capable of writing in html and converting to text and vice versa):

Article Submitter Pro ~ Automated Article Submission Software:
"# Automatically grab an article off your website through the program and have it fill in all the text areas perfectly ready for submission in under one second.

# Create and modify any number of bio boxes. You choose the one you want depending on the article being submitted. The bio box can be merged with the article, as some sites require it, or not.

# Create and modify an unlimited number of Author names and websites so you can work all your niche markets easily."

the problem is that their demo started telling me I had no right to use the program on the second time I ran it - oops. So I decided to pay for it (60 day money-back guarantee) and see what it will do.

Only time (and use) will tell. Count on me to keep you posted. That's the wonder's of blogs (and "Blog This!" plug-in with Firefox...).

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