Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The key to success in online marketing


You want to give such value that your work becomes viral. It's passed along from person to person and the word of mouth spreads to the ends of the earth.

I've taken all the ecourses I could stand and found that essentially, they were just hype. They were a reason to get you to give your valuable email address so that you could then get regular emails telling you to buy stuff.

What should be happening is always giving such valuable data that the person is really not just looking forward to your emails, but also saving them to her hard drive, printing them off for later study, and sending them to her friends - many of them.

This is why I personally tell people to read Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, and Charles F. Haanel. Because their books are true classics. This is why I've collected all of Thomas Troward's books into a single volume. These books are incredibly valuable - which I why I maintain a large library of references, all formatted for easy reading.

This is why I have to charge for my books. And why I set the prices the way they are. People have to be appealed to on the basis of value - their perceived value, not yours. And they have to give something for them. Once they pay for a download, they will take the time to study and learn from them.

I've got gigabytes of stuff downloaded for free from the Internet, a lot just stashed so that I can stumble onto it, or do a search for a keyword and find it. It's not all that valuable to me. But the books I've had to search for and buy a version of - these are the ones I study and work with right away.

You want to do the same thing with your ecourses. Sure, they have to give you their email. But when you send them incredible value for nothing, they'll really understand that what you are selling is worth far more than you are asking for it. So regardless of the price, you are almost giving away priceless gems to anyone who asks.

My story is that I went in search of simple solutions and found goldmines of data to explain every problem I every had. The problem is that they've been made available in all sorts of formats and scattered to the ends of this Internet universe. Sure, anyone could find them for free and read them as plain-vanilla text. Hard on the eyes when you have around 3-400 pages of stuff to go through.

So I simply started putting these onto Lulu so that anyone could get a great, readable version of classics on nearly anything in self-help.

Along the way, I found those books which really do tell you how to handle anything in your life. As my life started to sort itself out, I wanted to help others with theirs.

The Go Thunk Yourself Reference Library is my answer to the world's problems - and yours.

In one or more of the books there, you can find someone who has been in your shoes and had the same problems you are experiencing right now. And they'll tell you how they solved it.

My job is to present these in a fashion so that you can find that book or several which tell you what the route out is and what steps you have to take - you need to find the one which marks a closely taped path out of the labyrinth. It's there.

My ecourse, then, is a real course. It's "sponsored" by the books which the data is taken from. And these books are known as the key references of their field.

I hope to offer a series of ecourses which result in real improvement for anyone who studies them. Kind of a gradient slope upwards to personal betterment. One that anyone could walk.

And all the books on there are incredibly valuable. Provided you study and use them to improve your life.

That's the key to business, ecommerce, online auctions - everything: offer incredible value. And then offer some more, and keep doing this over and over and over.

Then the fortunes of this earth will rise us as a tide and come rushing toward you. Of course that just makes it easier to offer more value...

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Chuck Bartok said...

Dr Worstell,
You are a Genius..
I know you wil enjoy being active in our LIVE Broadcast Talk Show discussing, digesting and dissecting, Wattles, Haanel & Hill
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