Thursday, August 23, 2007

The real secret to article marketing success


Figure you want, say 500 backlinks each week. Means you post 5 articles to 100 article directories (and get them approved).

Or submit 10 articles to 50 article directories. Or 50 articles to 10 directories.

I have found one author who posted only to two directories each week. One was the top article directory, but still - that's way off the mark.

And you have to set your schedule to include those actions. How much you want to spend at article marketing is up to you.

The effectiveness of your articles also comes into play - but more that you get all these links out there. Reason being is that if you want to find an ecourse on the Law of Attraction, you will probably start finding my link on one of my various articles.

Each keyword (however long) will have a top spot and several more on Google. (Like I've got probably 20 of the top 30 spots for "Go Thunk Yourself".

Now those places will only convert as you can monetize such links. This means effective conversion pages - which capture email addresses.

Means most of the conventional thinking on the Internet is tossed on its ear. You don't need huge websites with tons of content (I've been there, done that). It doesn't mean paying a lot in PPC to get people to your site. It does mean standing up for what you know and what your niche is - and letting the world know that you exist and you have something to say about what you know.

This aligns right with Squidoo - which is built on your being an expert on something or other.

Once you have that mailing list, you can start building relations with them.

But you have to get those articles out first - every single week, including your vacations.

Because no one is going to do it for you (unless you can afford to hire them...)

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