Monday, September 10, 2007

Opposite of Comment Marketing - Comment Spamming

Here's the interesting opposite - irrelevant comments not contributing to the discussion. Violates the basic rules of relationship marketing and creating value - and so this business just dug themselves a very deep ditch. And the Internet has a very, very long memory...

Quintura Search & Blog Comment Marketing - Spam?: "What Quintura Has Done Wrong - The thing that really bothers me about Quintura’s blog commenting campaign is that it looks like the people behind it, unlike most blog spammers, actually took the time to read the blog post and offer some attempt of relevancy in their comments. In my opinion, such comments would be somewhat useful, if they were not so overboard on the self promotion. A well thought out blog commenting campaign should not promote the product which a commenter represents, instead the product, if mentioned at all, should be done subtly and only when relevant to the post."

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