Thursday, December 20, 2007

More on moron mailing lists

I've got to admit that now I know what makes up a sales page, and all that there is to getting people to opt-in to a mail list - I've become a bit more discriminating.

Long sales pages simply don't work on me. Period. I scroll down to the bottom, past the pitch, past the bonuses, past the testimonials, past the additional bonuses, right above where the PS's start - and then see if that price will fit my budget.

And where I see a "newsletter" is just constantly either sending me pitches for products or some affiliate product, I opt-out.

Helps me make my own mailing list broadcasts much better. And if I could simply set up 52 weeks' worth of mailings, I'd be much happier. It would let me get on with other research...

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I've not been article marketing for the last couple of weeks due to a few factors -
  1. An upgrade to my article submission program gave me tons of new article directories to submit to - and now it takes a week just to get one article submitted (and that's a hand's on week, constantly keeping an eye on the computer which is submitting - as otherwise it will stop and just sit there, so it needs at least its own screen. And that screen needs to be within peripheral vision limits.)
  2. The directories it was submitting to weren't getting me any opt-ins. These were actually coming from mostly - at the rate of one a week. Recent review of statistics shows that they are now a mixed bag, with only a few article directories sending me one visitor per month. Search engines are my biggest bandwidth users and my biggest referrers.
  3. Lack of response is due to a) insufficient quality articles, b) posting on obscure article directories with low pagerank/alexa standings. There is some comment that article directories have peaked in effectiveness, but without those first two taken care of, I don't see that I can tell.
Bottom line - I'm just not getting enough traffic to my sites.

Another interesting point from getting educated is the critical eye about what freebies actually give you. I've subscribed to a "free PLR" site - and in every case, that freebie is because you are signing up for their newsletter or other opt-in (free one-year subscription...).

All these decisions just give me more time for other things - since the amount of email I have to wade through is much less now.

Now, this brings up another point. Why not put your own ads in every blog post? Then people can find what you are saying on various points. A little more work, but still useful.

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