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Discipline, Concentration, Faith, and Perseverance - how to make it as a genius in today's world

While intuitive living is remarkably rewarding, it doesn't seem much for getting something done. And yet this really rolls back to both Faith and Perseverance (a form of faith).

In "The Secret" DVD, several teachers there tell us that the world around us is the way we thought in the past - that to change the world around us, we need to change the way we are thinking NOW.

Napoleon Hill (and as mentioned by Atkinson some 20 years earlier) a burning desire is what's needed to succeed. Essentially, this brings you to the point of near mono-mania about a particular subject - at least to the cynical outside observer. Practically, this has been the way all major advances have been accomplished. All empires were built this way - a succession of high-powered individuals (read: dedicated) who added to the wealth and concentrated power of an area or group's organization.

In "Mystic Marketing Guide", I've added several authors' works which talk just about how to create this burning desire and then concentrate your efforts and energies on it. While I have some more digesting of these to do myself (more on that below), there was another explanation for this in my "Genius" anthology. Genius, being a spiritual nature and state, was built on these same points:
  1. Having a burning desire and a known purpose for your life.
  2. Concentrating your energies on that singular desire/purpose.
  3. A continuing and continuous cooperation with the Universal for both inspiration and intuition.
It's just that simple. At least in theory. Practically, you have to work continually at reprogramming yourself in order to get the most mileage out of your genius. (And everyone is genius to some degree - it's the nature of the beast.)

But that is all about evolving ourselves, isn't it? What we do with self-improvement and personal development is to take over our own evolution - or at least give it all the support, encouragement, and incentive we can.

The reverse are those many, many people who simply live from one TV show to the next, buying a new car every three years because that's how long they last (and how long your financing is), looking forward to "retiring" because "that's what everyone else is doing." But they have no real pension, a busted "Social Security" and little savings - which don't keep up with inflation most years, anyway...

The smarter, on-the-ball people learn to think for themselves and see the world around them differently. They don't accept the world just as it is - they analyze it, evaluate it, learn what systems exist and then work these systems for their own and their family and friends' benefit.

Income tax, and any tax at all on the richest people only makes them take their wealth somewhere else. Mostly out-state and off-shore. Meanwhile, because the government is making more money than it spends, it causes inflation, which brings the average person up to being "rich" on paper - and subject to those same taxes they approved.

Taxes only "catch" the stupid rich people. The smart ones have no personal income and all the money they control is in lower-tax-bracket corporations, which don't have to pay out Social Security, etc. And they control how much dividends are paid out to their sole stockholder. And they donate to non-profits they control. If they need some spending money, it comes from corporate coffers as an expense budget/account. Cars, houses, yachts - these are all owned by corporations and paid at lower rates, as well as being "tax write-offs".

But it was the desire and discipline which made these smart rich people both smart and rich. They concentrated their efforts on those activities which were really going to pay off.

Dumb, poor people don't concentrate their efforts and waste their lives on truly idiotic pursuits. Did TV ever raise culture? Did newspapers and cable shows ever really educate anyone (after they graduated Sesame Street and Blue's Clues)? And where some did learn through "public broadcasting" - did they learn a balanced flow of data so that they could pick and choose and evolve their own world-view, something which helped them survive better in their current, local existence?

Nope. Smart people are getting richer and dumb people are getting poorer. It's not education - that's after the fact. The smart people see whatever scene they have around them and then make the choices which get them educated enough to rise above the inherited and socio-cultural mess they found themselves in. Tons of examples abound if you look for them. "The Pursuit of Happyness" tells the story of a homeless dad who became a multi-millionaire. Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) rose from the obscurity of a failed store sales associate to build the largest store chain in recent history. Ray Kroc (McDonald's) was a middle-aged traveling salesman when he bought out the McDonald brothers and changed the face of fast-food forever. Microsoft and Dell Computers were founded by college drop-outs. Fed-Ex's Fred Smith is a story of a single idea matched by concentrated effort and determination to succeed.

These stories go on and on and on. There are probably many more right in your own city or home town. You just have to look for them.

Who are the "failures"? Those who didn't back up their own ideals and decide to make their dreams become reality. They gave up. They bought the excuses and reasons around them. And quit really trying to do anything besides just "getting along".

Anyone, ANYONE can make themselves rich, famous, successful, healthy - you name it. Any state can be achieved by anyone. The books are all there to tell them how to do it (and lots of tapes/CD's now as well). They just have to look. And apply what they read and study.

There are no excuses for victims and those who simply ensure they get money from or for victims. Doesn't mean they don't need help. But quit giving hand-outs and start giving opportunities and you'll have a lot more people succeeding around you.

- - - -

My own current scene is having too much to do and too little to get all this done. That's the "curse" of genius. Because the Universal is the repository for all knowledge, and the source for all inspiration, it comes that you can actually find out about anything - free from copyright restrictions and bandwidth limitations. Some, like Claude Bristol in his "Magic of Believing" have found instances of two or more people figuring out or inventing the exact same idea or artwork at the exact same time. The telephone had two inventors, one in the U.S. - the other in Russia.

But with all that knowledge, there is no guarantee you'll ever make a dime from it - unless you put yourself to hard work and getting it all done.

I've produced three lines of products: Go Thunk Yourself Personal Development Series, Secrets to the Law of Attraction Classics Series, and An Online Millionaire Plan. Each of these have their own challenges and inspirations. Practically, they all have enough to keep an entire publishing house busy - but of course they do: I'm that publishing house.

With farming and my day job, this leaves me approximately 25 hours a week to keep this up and improve on it. And of course, it is the problem that I have only so much time to get my inspirations and bright ideas created in the real world we live in.

So Pareto's Principle comes in. Work on those 20 percent of your ideas which will produce 80 percent of your income. Really, just work on those things which are critical and vital. The other stuff will take care of itself or will wind up getting done along with the critical and vital stuff.

At least that's the strategy. Doesn't mean you don't get frustrated at times and wondering when all those millions you've affirmed and prayed and meditated on will start showing up.

But you just have to then get back to "The Secret" DVD and Hill's books - just create your faith and work your plan. Persistence will create all the faith you need. Keep it positive and feel good about what you're planning and creating. And, like Wattles, keep thinking about it and improving your vision of what you are trying to achieve. That will make it show up faster.

At least that's the strategy...

The real solution is to "seek the Silence" daily and ask for answers when you are in that state of prayer/meditation/reflection. It is there that your inspirations come, your intuitive glimpse into solutions to any/all of your problems.

For all that work done in marketing with that Online Millionaire Plan, it came right back to home with Mystic Marketing Guide.

Yet the weekly work I have to do in maintaining and building my mailing lists keeps me on the level with this. You see, I figure that if I write to my list each week with a broadcast and new news, this will both keep me researching and producing in this line. And it has. I've been able to find fascinating tidbits and produce these into a number of e-books for my subscribers to use and redistribute. They get the great stuff, and I have the fruits of my continuing research. Everybody wins.

And meanwhile, I keep working on my concentration.

The interesting thing is that I'm planning to do some courses on the major books in my Go Thunk Yourself Personal Development Library. Many of these (like Atkinson, Haanel, Hill) were originally courses by themselves and then were made into books. Others (such as Online Millionaire Plan, Mystic Marketing, Genius) are so chock-full of data that they need to be broken down into digestible portions.

Plans for these courses are to include the cross-references I've studied and give an audio commentary along with a PowerPoint presentation (video) on every section. Means I get to learn it three times and master the material that much better.

And of course, this learning will probably inspire more books - or prompt me to edit and republish some others which "need it". (I've already got four in the hopper right now - it's just that they aren't in the vital or critical categories.)

But my work just continues between being too tired to work for the day and too much to do at the other jobs in my life.

Tonight, for instance, I've been working at creating two new autoresponder mailing list series, but these require that I have a catalog of books to quote text from. I was working last week in creating some new ebooks for these - and they are all but ready to upload and link to. But I also want to create these new A/R series to invite them to join - as well as link into my existing book sales pages. I can see just now that these A/R series will have to have new landing pages and so will have to come after getting new broadcasts out to my existing lists. (Sigh.)

So work before pleasure.

Tomorrow, I have a steer to take to the packing plant, plus some firewood to cut and a few other items before I get back to this again. AND, more relatives coming to visit. As tired as I am, I'll probably be up and at it in the early am, working when it's good for me to do so, not when others have their schedules for me.

But that is life as we know it. Just keep on working at what is critical and vital. The rest will take care of itself. Life as we know it...

- - - -

Since I started writing this, I've gotten a few video's online, such as this one:

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