Monday, February 11, 2008

Why my blog posts don't become articles and vice-versa

Mostly because they are either too long or too short.

I've covered earlier that your best usage would be to:
  1. Blog
  2. article market that post
  3. Social bookmark both
  4. Squidoo both
But I can't get past 1) above. Because I write more like an author than a blogger. It's a curse of native genius ability (see linked book). You see, I don't sit around in my proverbial pajamas and blog short snippets of whatever ideas catch my fancy - or sit with a blog open on my desk all day.

First, I sleep in the raw - and own no pajamas. If it's that cold, I wear long underwear. I usually will wind up in a comforable pair of jeans and a tshirt (summer) or added sweatshirt (like now, in winter).

Second, bloggers fit no "proverbial" mode. We are each as different as individual trees (growing as their twig is bent...)

Third, I have other jobs than just sitting around a desk all day. I farm, which is several hours outside each day (thank God). And my weekend right now has a day job - 2 10-hour days which leave me wiped out, but pay my bills (very weakly).

So when I blog, I write. Practically, I would be better off making these blog entries into a set of compiled essays (known as a book) and entering it into some sort of Blooker contest or something. But I blog to get it out of my system and to add to the general compendium of knowledge floating around on the Internet (FWIW).

Now I was looking for some posts that I could convert to articles and found very few of my recent ones would work - reason being that they were all over 2K words long. Most articles need to top out at about 750, since the "generic" viewer will simply yawn and click forward unless you have a very compelling narrative - and so won't click on your link or subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

They'd probably be great in a printed magazine - or one of my own books. So expect a sequel to Online Millionaire Plan in the future some time, or better would be a sequel to Go Thunk Yourself!

And believe me, I'm not going to tell my "muse" to shut up while I edit this down to just a little bit below 750 so I can fit into someone else's mold.

Now I've seen these article writers pull some neat stunts. Once they've gotten into "ultra-high pre-approved" levels where everthing they submit is automatically approved - they can do multi-part articles and mini-articles and everything under the sun. But I've pulled a few of these multi-part articles down, edited them into a single article so I could read it without interruptions - and found that the quality sucked on the larger article as well.

Because that one uber-long article was cut into smaller ones, but didn't make all that much sense to begin with. Certain authors can get into this knack of writing whole short stories into just a few paragraphs. I'm not there yet, if I'll ever be.

You see, I'm an artist at heart. And I can crank out pictures like snow on a winter day with a front moving in. I don't spend a great deal of time on each individual snow-flake, you know - prolific and all that. Wanted to be in animation, but the work was too repetitive.

Now, if each picture is worth a thousand or so words, you then see the problem I have in writing. Can't possibly keep up with my mind. Like I've got these muses upstairs and they all have their computers cranking out wide open (I'd say typewriters as more picturesque, but our days have changed...) and sending tons of information down into the server, where it's being fed onto my mental screen at a mad rate just to keep up. (Do you really read all those RSS feeds you subscribed to? How about all those emails you opted-in for? Me neither.)

But I do come out with absolutely fascinating articles like this one, which will probably never see the inside of an article directory, since people "don't like" these longish ones...

And then on the other hand...

Now, if you do manage to find a nice post which is so short that it would make a nice addition (or an O'Henry knock-off), then by all means proceed as above.

If you don't - then either excerpt a nice section of it and proceed right across the street without looking either way and drop it in as many article directories as you have time for.

You can also always just skip article marketing it and jump to social bookmarking and Squidooing it. You'll get your claim to fame, in any case.

Your earlier point is to always write with your products and keywords in mind. So you title and your opening paragraph are always something that will coincide to usher that fame and fortune to your direction much quicker...

But if you're interesting, and if you're funny, then people will love to read down to the bottom of your little narrative and go ahead to opt-in for your mailing list or buy your little book that you have linked down there.

Either way, your muse is a-mused, your rant is vented, and you're good for another day - or until your buffer gets filled up with too many new genius ideas.

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