Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sedona Method: The world, you, and your mind

Listening to a rare Levenson video yesterday and it hit me tonight that this was a key to many things for many people.

Now this may not seem all that practical, but it’s the underlying idea which you should consider:

It’s spirit, mind, body – the being created the mind, and then used the mind to create the World and body.

Most of science (and religion) gets this completely different – and you are free to believe whichever you want.

Levenson holds that we are far more powerful and capable than we let on. That we can do much more than we let ourselves demonstrate.

Practically, this is true. Test it out for yourself by just applying some releasing and you’ll see all sorts of “miracles” show up in your life. The more imperturbable you get, the less effort is in your life and the more of these “miraculous” events show up.

But actually, it’s all the effort we work with that keeps them from showing up. Your natural state is one where things just show up around you. Think the thought, then let it go. Like Jack Canfield’s piece in “The Secret” DVD. (Canfield is a Sedona graduate.)

Get the idea of what you want and then simply let it go for the world to manifest. If you read Wattles’ “Science of Getting Rich” closely, you’ll see this in there. Also Haanel’s “Master Key System”. And the release technique puts Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” on steroids – his idea of a burning desire really takes off when you release on it and take the effort out of it.

But the key is that you are not in the world, the world is in you. You are much greater than the universe that surrounds you. And when you finally tap into this idea, all sorts of stuff starts working out for you. The more imperturbable you get, the easier life runs for you.

The more you start simply releasing as a way of life, the more miraculous your life becomes. Because releasing is simply getting the resistance out of everything you do and encounter.

And what you don’t resist can’t run over you. If you think it’s good for you, you’ll get more of it. If you don’t like it, it’s bad for you, then it disappears.

But of course, this is all radical metaphysics. So don’t believe a word I said here. Check it out for yourself.


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