Monday, March 22, 2010

ABC News sucking up to Tyranny

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Had to leave ABC News' melodramatic glad-handing backthumping as they carefully massaged the data into some sort of "historic triumph" of last night's national fiasco.

A tyranny is when a minority enforces it's will on the majority - over their protests or not. Polls clearly pointed out that around 60 percent of the public (depending on which poll) did not want this bill in the form it was presented. Yet these radical activists went ahead and got it passed, despite their constituents' wishes.

A completely one-sided party-line (almost) vote. None of our major social legislation has ever passed this way - all had enormous bipartisan support.

We have a tyranny in Washington, a disassociated elite mob of thugs who completely disregard the people they were elected to serve.

I've heard today that Obama's strategy for re-election is to actually have the Republican's take over so that he can be seen fighting the valiant fight of ideals against "regressives".

He doesn't take into account the point that there is substantial flashback against him even running again - since the numerous lawsuits against his inability to actually present bonafides which prove he was eligible to begin with. He doesn't take into account the power of ordinary citizens to see that he will (purposely) have done nothing to get people off the dole and into jobs, that he actually helped create this "Great Recession" by supporting the "right" of people to own homes who couldn't afford the payments and had no clue about handling a household budget to do so.

The same tools he used to gain his election (social media and Alinsky political model) can and are being used against him. People are finding out how he does things (not reading bills, not knowing what's in them) through social media and spreading this around. His "baby" ACORN is near inevitable bankruptcy, with half of it's branches closed, funding cut off and the two coastal branched reorganized and re-named. All by social media exposing their illegal activities.

Now he's prepared to throw the Democratic party under the bus (like he did his own grandmother and his 20-year pastor - both as rascists) just so he can get re-elected.

Arrogance. Tyranny.

Time to get this stopped.

Let's see some voter-enforced term limits this fall. Let's see some impeachment proceedings. Let's see some people turn off their TV's and get the news from the Internet where they can pick the slant they want, without having anyone's ideology enforced regardless of their wishes.

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