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How to Evolve Scientology Into Something Truly Workable

Getting Real OT Abilities Depends on Evolving $cientology - Beyond

After a decade, I've finally evolved Scientology into something which is workable and gives you real "OT" abilities, not just glimpses of them.

Point blank, Scientology has always had two problems (B. M. - Before Miscavidge):

  1. It was developed to be a monopoly through its marketing.
  2. Real spiritual progress ended after Clear.
The primary points making it a monopoly were it's specialized lingo/nomenclature/slang, it's rapacious lawyers defending trademarks, and an e-meter.

What it couldn't corner was the self-help field, which continued to borrow from older traditions, just as Hubbard did. In a decade of research, I've not found anything from the levels Clear and below which he didn't borrow or lift from some older spiritual traditions or Western self-help materials. (The material in the "OT" levels is apparently original - it's also unworkable outside the exacting belief-system of Scientology.)

For Scientology to be workable, it has to be able to be applied by anyone in any circumstances. This of course rules out a special meter - but many have been developed outside of that corporation which are completely workable, so this isn't a problem.

The meter itself, as Hubbard admits, can enter errors into progress of a participant. This is due in part to operator error, but also with faulty case supervision and lack of belief by the recipient. Like any self-help, Scientology won't work if you don't believe it works. That include meter reading. So including a meter into the operation creates two more additional fail-points for personal progress. 

Actually, you don't have to have a meter to make progress, fortunately for all of us. People have been doing this for years, achieving equivalent states to "Clear" for eons - despite what Hubbard claimed in his marketing.  The phrase Clear is just a marketing gimmick. It's also called "enlightenment", "satori", "cosmic consciousness" and a dozen or more phrases. The result is the same, regardless of how  you get there. 

That people have been doing this for years (and some taking at least a lifetime to accomplish it), shows that it's not a monopoly. That others also developed workable technologies along this line (oddly, in the same vicinity Hubbard was practicing, without his apparently knowing) - such that a person could achieve what was called "clear" in just a few months - this just proves the point that Scientology, in its basics, can be workable. 

What you are looking for is closest to what Jesus the Christ called "peace beyond all understanding". It results in an unflappable calm and a very orderly, even serene look out at life. A person can experience emotions if they want to (these are defined in Scientologese as "mis-emotions") or natural native states such as calmness, peacefulness, and "hootlessness" (as in "not giving a hoot.")

(Of course, you know by now that I'm a "squirrel" by corporate standards. Because they can't take any competition. That phrase is actually just another marketing gimmick.)

You want to look to the sources Hubbard got his materials from. Check out any Qual library and you'll find his referenced books, right down to Parsons books on "Magick". As I've often said, if you considered all the books and materials Hubbard considered in his research to be a basketball stadium whose floor was filled with ice cream sundaes, Hubbard only took the cherries off the tops of these subjects and let all that delicious treat melt into puddles.  He left the best part on the floor - just so he could create a marketing device with a brand name. 

That's what I set about after I left the corporation following over 20 years on staff in the "Sea Org". I served at almost all echelons of management and service organizations in one position or another. So I've seen how it's run, and what it takes to make it work. I left as the corporation wouldn't follow it's own policies, but that was after Miscavidge took over. Policy was out, tech was out, and "ethics" were long gone - and this was true from the top down to the bottom. Fear ruled more than any ideal of being able to achieve "planetary clearing". Which means that shortly after Hubbard turned over the management reins (well before he passed away), the subject and application was being made more and more unworkable. By the year 2000, it was mostly gone.

So I left in order to find out if Scientology in its purest form actually worked. All I found was that some parts of its materials worked. But the more additives you put into it, the less they worked. So the original books (not the current editions, but the ones Hubbard actually wrote and approved for publication personally) tend to have the most workability. 

And if you stick to materials issued before KSW (where Hubbard claimed to have figured out everything himself) in 1967, you wind up with the best materials. Practically, you want to go just prior to the mess at FCDC where Hubbard had to leave the country and the FDA raids. So it's probably the high point is in Phoenix - and that would give us the Phoenix Lectures and PDC as the top end of the technical advances. Yes, it's as the meter made things more complicated that most of the troubles began. 

That said, Hubbard either didn't know, or tried to suppress, some studies which were occurring at that same time - not far away, actually - by Lester Levenson of Sedona Arizona, called Release Technique, and Jose Silva of Laredo Texas, called the Silva Method. Levenson thought highly of Scientology and its ability to assist people greatly in improving their lives. He thought it sped things up considerably. However, what he discovered in releasing (simply letting go of unwanted emotions) was even faster. And Silva took his studies into brain-wave-lengths into very simple and easily applied steps so that anyone could meditate and achieve remarkable results - with no auditor, no lengthy training, and no "grade chart" or e-meter. 

Both Release Technique and Silva Method have been independently researched, studied and proven to achieve results (unlike the college study which proved Dianetics to have inconsistent results.) 

However, when you add the essential points of Silva's "alpha" or meditative state, along with Levenson's releasing - right in to the processes of Scientology, then you really speed things up. 

Take Self Analysis, for instance. Get into an Silva "alpha" state of meditation. Then look at the question. Find an incident and release it fully, along with any effort to get or escape security, control, or approval. As well release any underlying fear. At that point, you have an incredible and permanent result. Much better than simply recalling. If an earlier incident comes up, then simply release it as well. If you fall out of your "alpha" state, then simply take a few deep breaths, relax, and re-enter that state again.  Once you have gotten to a high state for that session (session "end phenomenon") then end off and come to the present again following Silva technique.

All processes in Scientology can be treated this way. And Scientology can be "audited" by another who helps you get and stay in your "alpha" state, as well as asking you the process and release questions. This would greatly help it's study processes and it's "Drug Rundown", as well as the Grades.

Advanced releasing, where you actually confront your fear of death and any lack of individuality, could be done by a counselor. And this would take you right up to the state of Clear, where you actually do attain the EP of being responsible for "mocking up" your own problems and life-situations. Your basic-basic could be easily uncovered, whether you need to go "back track" or not. 

As well, Silva and Releasing pretty much knock out having to spend time on "rudiments", since you simply just have to "let go" of things that are bothering you and keep you "out of session". As you learn to release on your own, and able to get into an "alpha" state nearly instantaneously whenever you want to, you can give yourself sessions several times a day - if only assists - so you can make more progress with your auditor and move up the "grade chart" more quickly. 

Practically, a veteran Scientologist can use Silva Method and Releasing to quickly recover from any bad auditing (or corporate malfeasance) and re-affirm all the earlier "case gain" they've had from their sessions. For the gains you had are permanent. And they belong to you. Someone "canceling your certificates" is not worth the hot air it takes to discuss them.

And very frankly, Levenson said that a person could achieve that high state of what Scientology calls "clear" in three months or less with releasing alone.  But his releasing is sped up with the use of Silva Method. And both of them together make grade chart progress incredibly fast.

- - - -

The rub is what happens after Clear. The bulk of people on the corporations lines fall off at two points: 
  1. Prior to any auditing.
  2. After attaining Clear.
And that's roughly 97% of people who "get into" Scn.

Now, in the old days, you used to be able to do the "OT" levels quickly and get some real results. Look up Ingo Swann and his work on remote viewing. There's some talk that the CIA actually had some people get auditing just so they could learn how to do this remote viewing. But the very interesting part is that Jose Silva worked out the simple approach to do this and actually had a very good set of tapes put out by Nightingale-Conant by John LaTourette which enables anyone to do this without even having to become Clear.

This actually gives a first clue as to what OT levels really consist of. 

Now, there have been people with these abilities for years. It turns out that most people have them, but they have turned them off (or tuned them out) through their own education. Most children are able to do simple tasks early on which becomes nearly impossible later - even if they remember doing them at all. The real savants and geniuses who are able to not "forget" how to do these are a very, very small minority. 

In ancient Amerindian and other primitive cultures, they were known by various names, among these, the Russian term "shaman" has the widest appeal and application here. 

And it is in Serge Kahili King's book "Urban Shaman" where the skills one has as an "OT" are described and basic techniques laid out. While Huna has many more descriptions available, and some amazingly simple approaches (7 principles, instead of some 58 Scientology axioms) - we really just have to learn to "think" differently about life. King borrows the term from Hubbard's sci-fi buddy Heinlein: "grok" - which is to understand a thing exactly as it is. It means essentially to be, do, and have that person, identity, object, or life-form in its entirety.

There are four levels of living per King:
  1. Objective - everything is separate from you. This is the level over 99% of humanity operates at.
  2. Subjective - this is the psychic realm. Everything is connected to you and you are in communication with everything. 
  3. Symbolic - the world of life-as-a-dream. And everything is a dream or has a dream. Dreams have meanings. This is also the realm of the shape-shifter - being the dream of something or someone else.
  4. Holistic - the world as one system. When things don't "feel right", you may be experiencing from the holistic level. 
You actually live on these 4 levels all the time, whether you believe it or not. Almost everyone has some psychic abilities. You can dream at any moment - and your "day dreams" could be sending you a message or lesson. And everyone has had times when things didn't seem to "make sense" - even if you didn't have an objective explanation for what was happening.

Of course there is more in "Urban Shaman" which lays out various techniques to re-acquaint yourself with your native abilities in these areas.

There is also more theory of how these work together, and how you can simply attain these for yourself. 

I've put together a rundown of all these over at for you if you're interested. 

And yes, they are all "solo" levels, but you can also do them with someone you trust or want to mutually experience these with. 

The key point is that you don't have to pay hundreds of thousands for "negative gain" anymore. This is all positive re-acquisition of native abilities you've had all along. And veteran Scientologists find this a very fast ride, since they've already paid their dues (so to speak).

Good Hunting.

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