Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Using Famous Author Best Seller Books to Thrive, Learning about Success

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Famous Authors have long been a route to personal and spiritual freedom. Through using their best seller books, many people have become free of stress and effort in their lives. The logical extension of this is now the CD and DVD with video's, MP3's and ebooks.

My own route in this was in researching successful best-selling dead authors to see if there were a common ground they shared. (They had to be dead in order to ensure any personal charisma wasn't a factor - whichi is readily apparent with many modern authors.)

This study found that the majority of the best selling authors either were claimed as New Thought authors, or based their studies on New Thought classics.

ABest seller books by famous authors hold keys to success.nother commonality - which was recently reminded to me - is that all of these authors were extremely well-read, or had devoted a great section of their lives to studying the humankind condition and distilling what was regarded as "secrets" (even though they were and are quite out in the open.)

Dale Carnegie critiqued more speeches than any person known in history. Napoleon Hill interviewed over 500 of the movers and shakers in his and our day. Thomas Troward studied all the major religions in their own language while a Judge in provincial India. Modernly, Stephen Covey studied 200 years of modern self-help literature, which included the above, before he came out with his 7 Habits.

All of these authors distilled the common principles which drive people as motivations. They each distilled what would make a person successful. And their best seller books resulted.

This month, I invested time in simply rounding up the books which people have found to be valuable. While I already had a list of Famous Authors on my site, which laid all this out, I created a new set of pages just to deal with uncommon best seller books which all fit into this category - and actually follow the criteria above, which you'll see as you check them out.

I hold that there are four areas of study which a person would get great gain by - and I held that these four areas of study formed a system which interlocked one with the others to forge a path to enlightenment, satori, cosmic consciousness, or however you'd want to describe it:

New Thought Authors

Release Technique

Silva Method

Huna Kapua studies

And while I went this route to get all enlightened first, I found as I studied the condition out that these same materials can restore all sorts of native abilities meanwhile - even without having achieved some personal high state of beingness. Which is a nice thing to know. I wrote this all up in a blog called "A Modern View" and have left it pretty much alone since then. I did extract all the material and put it into some sort of order in a huge book called "Winning Your Infinite Future" - which is a free download from Slideshare.net (or you can read the nearly 800 pages there if you want.)

With any luck, I'll take up in later monthly newsletters some of the rest of these as part of that system - though it's really discussed either in the blog/book above, or in Freedom Is - (period.)

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