Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gingrich Says Republicans Won’t Win If Negative Attacks Persist - Here's the classic strategy: Main-scream media is still (mostly) rooting for Obama. And anybody-but-a-Republican rules their logic. So ABC sets up a gotcha-style debate, with questions that incite the candidates against each other on purpose. Then, they spin their own spin to tell how these guys "really went after each other" - which supposedly gets ratings for ABC. However, when the candidates made some completely valid points against Obama, these go unreported. Because the media can bury those with other salacious tales. It's reported that Obama campaign would like nothing better than for a big Gingrich-Romney feud, which would exhaust their funds in a hot primary, leaving them weakened. Main-scream media sees this opening and pounces. FWIW.

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