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Choose. Believe. Win.

Choose. Believe. Win. - Achieve Your Goals, Realize Your Dreams, and Get Everything You Want Out of Life.What is Winning?

The Secret That May Surprise You

This seems rather obvious, but it isn’t necessarily. What you consider “winning” will depend on how you’ve been trained since birth and the mindset you’ve stacked as a result.

Before we get into the more serious nuts and bolts of how this works, let’s go over a very simple datum: nothing is as it seems at first glance.

Look at a race. Thousands enter a marathon. Only one is first. He’s the winner. What are the rest called? Also-rans.

Olympics are different. They have thousands who compete worldwide, and only their best national winners are sent to the world competition. There, they compete against each other in various challenges until the final point where awards are given only to the first three winners.

We call them winners and they may get a cash prize, but who is making the real money from their success? The sponsors.

Back to that marathon. Who is the big winner? The race sponsors. The people who sell supplies to the runners. The people who have hotel rooms for rent to visitors. The people who create and market collectibles to the visitors. The restaurants that supply food to all these people. Those are all winners, too.

In the Olympics, certain sports are in big demand by the viewing and reading audiences. So the corporate media can be winners if they can get the exclusive contract for the broadcasting and can then sell enough advertising to cover their expenses. (Doesn’t always happen.) And the Olympics aren’t always profitable themselves.

Winning is what you say it is. But all winning has also-rans who were there as well as the crowd who watched. What was the difference? Mindset.

Those competitors who came in first are those who had a certain mindset to succeed. They are exceptional successes, whether or not they set a new world’s record.

The people who made a sizable increase in income from any sporting event are exceptional successes, too. If they didn’t take the risk, they wouldn’t have made that extra income. That also takes a certain mindset.

It’s no coincidence that the majority of the richest people on this planet either didn’t finish college, never went, or attended something other than an Ivy League university. They think differently, they have stacked their mindset differently. They have become routinely exceptional successes.

(From Chapter 1)

If you want routine exceptional success in your life, you’re going to have to know how to choose, believe, and win.

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