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10 Easy Lessons in Cosmic Habitforce

10 Easy Lessons in Cosmic HabitforceHow Your Habits Predict Your Success – Or Failure

Every person is where they are and what they are just because of their established habits of thoughts and action.

Habits have become an increasingly popular subject, as people find that changing small habits can result in big life-changes.

The term “Habitforce” is self-explanatory. It is a force which works through established habits.

  • Consider that habits also act in even greater ways. As a collected whole, this Habitforce takes on greater power than the individual themselves.
  • Consider this idea that there is a sort of cosmic medium where all habits and all human relationships are maintained in varying degrees of permanence. This is the medium where thought is translated into its physical equivalent in response to the desires and purposes of individuals.

We can now begin to understand how “Thoughts Are Things.”

Cosmic Habitforce is this medium that every living thing participates in as a part of the environment it lives and moves in. And so, success attracts more success, and failure attracts more failure—a truth that has long been known but seldom understood before now.

You may have seen the situation where a person who has been a failure becomes an outstanding success by close association with successful people. Cosmic Habitforce transmits the “success consciousness” from the mind of the successful person to the mind of the unsuccessful one who is closely related in their daily affairs.

A person can control his earthly destiny to an astounding degree—simply by choosing to shape his own thoughts. But once these thoughts have been shaped into definite patterns, they become permanent habits. And they remain that way unless and until they have been replaced by different and stronger thought patterns.

Unfortunately, most men who attain the higher brackets of success seldom do so until they have undergone some tragedy or emergency which reached deeply into their souls and reduced them to that circumstance of life which men call “failure.”

This also can explain why more than three-fourths of the people who have the full benefits of a great country such as ours go through lives in poverty and want.

Success or failure, abundance or poverty – it’s all determined by the habitual thinking you do.

The purpose of Hill’s entire Philosophy of Achievement is to aid the individual in the formation of the kind of habits that will transfer him from where he is to where he wishes to be in life.

Hill’s entire research lead to this important discovery, and to enable use of the knowledge it reveals. A person can now place themselves in harmony with the unseen forces of the universe, and be carried into the success side of the great River of Life.

After the success of his Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill continued researching and refining his Philosophy of Achievement. In 1945, just eight years after his bestseller, Hill wrote The Master Key to Riches to update his philosophy with the new discoveries he had made since.

Cosmic Habitforce is a single chapter from that book. It can help you make the quantum leap to even greater success. While many have “thought and grown rich” before, this special report can make that achievement become a permanent habit in your own life.

This chapter has been made into a special report on it’s own, divided into ten simple lessons for your study.

Please study these carefully, and review them as many times as needed to gain the full understanding of Cosmic Habitforce concepts and power.

Are you ready to find your unlimited habitual success?

Scroll up and get your copy now.

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