Tuesday, May 30, 2017

3 Adventure Guides for Exceptional Entrepreneurs

3 Adventure Guides for Exceptional Entrepreneurs20,000 people lined the docks to greet an unknown sailor in a tiny boat just twice the size of your bathtub.

Robert M. Maury had just finished crossing the Atlantic, making history as he did. But they almost never heard of him. He left with no press release or notice. And he returned to a hero’s welcome in Cleveland, Ohio which  he didn’t want or ask for.

Why did he risk is life sailing over 3,200 ocean miles in a sailboat so small?

This copy editor for the Cleveland Plain Dealer hit a point in his life where he had to put it all on the line. He told his wife the real reason for his embarking on so incredible a journey in so vulnerable a craft.

He said to her, “There is a time when one must decide either to risk everything to fulfill one’s dreams or sit for the rest of one’s life in the backyard.

Do you have dreams you haven’t filled? Is it your time to risk it all?

Also in this special report, the entrepreneurial adventure continues. It lives in most of us, but the truly adventurous will start out on that new business venture even in spite of those around them.

The trick to how and why they do it is in how they are wired. Anyone can see the problems that surround them. The entrepreneur will see that the solutions to these are valuable, and that a profitable business could be made from making that solution available to as many people as possible.

But you have to be willing to take the chance.

Luck, it is said, is opportunity met with preparedness.

Are you getting prepared in your life to meet them?

If you take the idea that your life is your personal corporation, then ask yourself if it is expanding or contracting. Any person can do what the largest corporation can’t – which expand their own production and efficiency by 10% or more literally overnight.

And like any corporation, investment in R&D is key to being prepared for those opportunities that constantly surround you.

Are you ready?

If you get a copy of this book for yourself, you can get there.

Scroll up and get your copy now.

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