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Believe in Yourself by Joseph Murphy

Believe in Yourself by Joseph MurphyBelieve in Yourself by Joseph Murphy

Make Your Dreams Come True

Joseph, in the Bible, means “disciplined or controlled imagination.” It is one of the primal faculties of mind, and has the power to project and clothe your ideas, giving them visibility on the screen of space.

Israel loved Joseph. Israel is the spiritually awakened man who knows the power of controlled imagination. It is called the “son of his old age.” Son means “expression.” Old age implies wisdom and knowledge of the laws of mind. When you become familiar with the power of imagination, you will call it “the son of your old age.” Age is not the flight of years; it is really the dawn of wisdom and Divine knowledge in you. Imagination is the mighty instrument used by great scientists, artists, physicists, inventors, architects, and mystics. When the world said, “It is impossible; it can’t be done,” the man with imagination said, “It is done!” Through your imagination, you can also penetrate the depths of reality and reveal the secrets of nature.

A great industrialist told me one time how he started in a small store. He said that he used to dream (Joseph was a dreamer) of a large corporation with branches all over the country. He added that regularly and systematically he pictured in his mind the giant building, offices, factories, and stores, knowing that through the alchemy of the mind, he could weave the fabric out of which his dreams would be clothed.

He prospered, and began to attract to himself—by the universal law of attraction—the ideas, personnel, friends, money, and everything needed for the unfoldment of his ideal. He truly exercised and cultivated his imagination, and lived with these mental patterns in his mind until imagination clothed them in form.

I particularly liked one comment that he made as follows: “It is just as easy to imagine yourself successful as it is to imagine failure, and far more interesting.”

Joseph is a dreamer, and a dreamer of dreams. This means he has visions, images, and ideals in his mind, and knows that there is a Creative Power that responds to his mental pictures. The mental images we hold are developed in feeling. It is wisely said that all our senses are modifications of the one-sense-feeling. Thomas Troward, a teacher of mental science, said, “Feeling is the law, and the law is the feeling.” Feeling is the fountainhead of power. We must charge our mental pictures with feeling in order to get results.

We are told, “Joseph dreamed a dream, and told it to his brethren, and they hated him.” Perhaps as you read this, you have a dream, an ideal, a plan, or purpose that you would like to accomplish. To hate is to reject in Bible language. The thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and opinions in your mind are the brethren that challenge you, belittle your dreams, and say to you, “You can’t; it is impossible. Forget it!”

Perhaps other thoughts come into your mind that scoff at your plan or ambition. You discover that there is a quarrel in your mind with your own brethren; opposition sets in. The way to handle the opposition in your mind is to detach your attention from sense evidence and the appearance of things, and begin to think clearly and with interest about your goal or objective. When your mind is engaged on your goal or objective, you are using the creative law of mind, and it will come to pass…

(From the first chapter)

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