Saturday, June 17, 2017

Genius: How to Be One – How to Live With It

Genius: How to Be One - How to Live With ItHOW TO MAKE A GENIUS is as little understood as geniuses themselves.

Everyone has had a “spark of genius” from time to time – but did you ever want to turn this into a full-time talent and ability? What you could do if you were operating at full genius all the time… Well, it’s possible – and you can start today!

Genius, as the ancients knew, is completely spiritual in origin. And taking a metaphysical approach to this is where we start making progress in understanding this extreme state of ability (or talents). The basic premise to a book like this is to simply assemble all the known data on genius (genii) and then to publish this as a collection of works.

Want to become a genius? Know someone who could cope better with their incredible ability?

Note: contains controversial statements which contradict the very best modern authorities.

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