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Magic Of Believing Collection by Claude M. Bristol

Magic Of Believing Collection by Claude M. BristolMagic Of Believing Collection by Claude M. Bristol

Did you know the solutions to any perceived problems have been hidden in plain sight for you?

You can have limitless freedom, prosperity, happiness, and good health just for asking.

The trick is to know how to ask.

Claude Bristol ran upon these answers as a youth, but couldn’t put them to use until he survived World War I and the dire necessity of those conditions forced him to decide to apply what he already knew – in earnest.

And he had his own success, for a time.

Then the Great Depression hit.

He saw that the business he served as Vice President was on the verge of going under – not because of the external events of the time, but because of the fears and anxieties of the staff themselves.

Bristol then wrote “TNT – It Rocks The Earth” as a solution to those emotional traps his staff had run into. Their resulting success – and their referral of that booklet to others – led to speaking engagements all across the country. He had to explain what he had written in that little brochure to many audiences.

Finally it came to him in no uncertain terms that a book which laid out the complete theory was needed. People couldn’t understand that little booklet and so couldn’t get it to work for them as it worked so well for others.

“The Magic of Believing” resulted – and became an instant bestseller. What he talks about in his books could be found by anyone. Where these secrets were hidden are in plain sight. The Bible, Shakespeare, along with many popular psychology texts, and also the self-improvement books which rise and fall on the bestseller lists.

Each decade has new books and shows which cover these points repeatedly. Along with them, however, are the deluge of other data which distract and discourage discovery.

Our own Internet Age hasn’t helped this, since the rise of noise has also hindered the increased accessibility to these “secret” materials. For each fact or study that would help one make the shift toward a better life, there are at least a dozen reports of fads, government excesses, outright cruelties, and other insane actions which make no sense – but fill our “news” channels so they can sell their advertising and stay profitable.

You have found this book as part of your own journey to a better life. As part of a series, this book can give you all the tools you need to find the limitless freedom, prosperity, happiness, and good health for you and anyone who will follow the path you’ve found.

All your world exists because of your deep-seated beliefs. Change these and you change your world. For better or worse, in small ways and great. Your faith in yourself and your actions make the world you live in as it is.

With this book, you have all the tools you need. I’m sure you’ll find additional books, such as the others in this series and the books they, in turn, recommend.

This is your journey. It can be as fast or slow as you like, as involved or simple as you prefer.

The point is that now, you have a choice to change your beliefs and change your world.

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