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The Art of Wonk

The Art of Wonk - How and Why Successful Entrepreneurs Become What They Are and Then Get Everything They WantHow and Why Successful Entrepreneurs Become What They Are and Then Get Everything They Want

If you’re picking this book up fresh, consider that you’ve really stepped in something.

Over 5 decades of research and writing several dozen books wound us up here, polishing up one very unique question. It was the one thing I hadn’t expected to need an answer: why winners think and believe as they do.

Everything else before this answered how.

We’ve covered how the bulk of humanity is hard-wired to follow their Hero’s Journey and buy all the stuff that they think they need. Because they are relying on the world around them to learn the lessons they feel they need.

We compared the mind of the Winners as a Winner’s Circle, to contrast it with the Hero’s Journey that the Also-rans follow (also a circle.) The Also-rans (95 percent of all humanity) feel they need to earn their lessons by “journeying” through their lives. Winners don’t feel that need at all.

In this book, we’ll call the winners “Wonks.” Because they figure things out. They test everything they experience and challenge all the data they encounter for workability. They are constantly looking at every problem as an opportunity.

The Also-rans expect the world to give them their next lesson. The Wonks are creating a new world based on what they find in front of them.

I’d be stupid to say once again that I think this is the last in this series of books. What I do know is that it isn’t linear from here on out. It’s exponential. What I’ve uncovered and am about to tell you leads right back to a complete new world with infinite possibilities.

Far from tying up loose ends, it opens massive flood gates of possibilities.

That’s the world you just inherited by opening this book.

Lucky you.

But let me first tell you the underlying secret to how Wonks ended up ruling the world…

(From the Introduction)

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