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The Atkinson Collection – Secrets to the Law of Attraction Series

The Atkinson Collection - Secrets to the Law of Attraction SeriesWhere were you when you first heard of the Law of Attraction? Was it watching a DVD, reading a book, or did a friend tell you excitingly about something new they discovered that explained so much?

Each of us – even as we found this phrase in Internet searches, coming up again and again – has found something that intrigued us, something that answered questions, something that posed new ones. The Law of Attraction has caused new discussion groups to pop up, so that people could share their experiences and help each other explore this new topic.

This Law isn’t new, while new to each of us, it is not new to this planet. Many philosophers through the ages have discovered this Law for themselves – in fact a version of it, the Golden Rule, exists in nearly every organized religion’s set of scriptures on this planet in one form or another.

In the early 1900’s an informal philosophy of New Thought found one of its voices in William Walker Atkinson. Like so many who have written and published about New Thought, Atkinson went through his own personal trials and tribulations. While early on he achieved material success as a lawyer, stress and strain eventually overtook him and his career – he experienced a complete mental and physical breakdown, as well as financial disaster.

From his life’s wreckage, Atkinson looked for healing and found it within New Thought authors. He was able to bring himself to perfect health, mental vigor and regain material prosperity and held the New Thought references he had studied as the reason for his rebound.

By the late 1890’s he was writing articles about the truths he had discovered. He moved to Chicago (which had become a hub for New Thought) and became an active promoter of the movement as both writer and editor.

In 1901, he teamed up with Sydney Flower and assumed editorship of Flower’s popular New Thought magazine. At this time, Atkinson produced a steady volume of articles for publication and published nearly a hundred books before his death in 1932.

The selected three books published in this collection all define and describe the Law of Attraction as well as providing practical exercises any reader can use to improve their life. While the text has been unaltered in grammar and spelling, the ideas still ring true today as they did when first published in the early 1900’s.

These books are brought out today so that we can compare and contrast our modern world, with its nearly ubiquitous Internet connections and 24hr/365day “news” services – while we cannot be out of touch with our world, too frequently we cannot see the trees for the forest of information at our very fingertips.

It isn’t remarkable, then, that underground hits such as “The Secret” DVD and book arrive to help us find emotional and intellectual clarity during these times. After all, isn’t that what we have all been seeking – some answers to our many questions? We are attracting those books and references into our lives which we most need.

And so this book was compiled and offered to you. It is my hope that you can use this tool in sorting out your own personal questions, and in your quest for better solutions in answer to the problems life poses for you.

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