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Power of Concentration – Law of Attraction

Power of Concentration - Law of AttractionWhat ever you concentrate on is what your world brings to you.

Practicing mental control – the self-discipline of personal thought – you actually start bringing into your life exactly what you want.

Consider this from Lesson 16:

“You will find that each day as you focus your forces on this thought at the center of the stream of consciousness, new plans, ideas and methods will flash into your mind. There is a law of attraction that will help you accomplish your purpose. An advertiser, for instance, gets to thinking along a certain line. He has formed his own ideas, but he wants to know what others think. He starts out to seek ideas and he soon finds plenty of books, plans, designs, etc., on the subject, although when he started he was not aware of their existence.

“The same thing is true in all lines. We can attract those things that will help us. Very often we seem to receive help in a miraculous way. It may be slow in coming, but once the silent unseen forces are put into operation, they will bring results so long as we do our part. They are ever present and ready to aid those who care to use them. By forming a strong mental image of your desire, you plant the thought-seed which begins working in your interest and, in time, that desire, if in harmony with your higher nature, will materialize.”

Atkinson, however, goes further – he tells you that you have to practice your concentration to improve it, to gain that complete mastery of your life. And he gives you practical exercises to achieve this control.

This book is for you, to improve your own abilities, to achieve what you want in life – what you want to do, have, or become. And your dreams are what prompted this series.

This book (and this series) is simply give you the tools you need to do so.

(From the Introduction)

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