Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Will to Believe by William James

The Will to Believe by William JamesHow and What You Believe is Your Choice, and Your Success

I have long defended to my own students the lawfulness of voluntarily adopted faith; but as soon as they have got well imbued with the logical spirit, they have as a rule refused to admit my contention to be lawful philosophically, even though in point of fact they were personally all the time chock-full of some faith or other themselves.

I am all the while, however, so profoundly convinced that my own position is correct, that your invitation has seemed to me a good occasion to make my statements more clear. Perhaps your minds will be more open than those with which I have hitherto had to deal.

I will be as little technical as I can, though I must begin by setting up some technical distinctions that will help us in the end.

(From the Forward)

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