Friday, July 21, 2017

Thoughts Are Things – Secrets to the Law of Attraction

Thoughts Are Things - Secrets to the Law of AttractionJust when you thought you had the Law of Attraction mastered…

….you find someone who wrote before it was popular and “everybody knew”.

Prentice Mulford was ages ahead of his time. Factually, what he wrote in the 1800’s is still being discovered today:

“When we dread a misfortune, or live in fear of any ill, or expect ill luck, we make also a construction of unseen element, thought, – which, by the same law of attraction, draws to it destructive, and to you damaging, forces or elements. Thus the law for success is also the law for misfortune…”

When you read his philosophy, you see a man who tempered his writing with a great deal of hands-on “people study”. The advise you get here has been weighed against results. So it’s great stuff – and useful.

If you want the highly polished stuff that hypes your world, this author isn’t for you. But if you want the pitch straight, with no curves – then Mumford is the way to get the straight bottom line.

(Also contains the complete text of “The God In You”.)

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