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Public Domain Publishing: Turning Ideas to Dollar$

Public Domain Publishing: Turning Ideas to Dollar$ Learn How To Quickly Profit

Public Domain Publishing is Profitable.

The term “public domain” stems from the word “public.” And when someone says “public,” what comes up to mind? Of course, we know already that the word is synonymous to “people” – that means, everyone.

So when you describe something as public, like when you say “public domain,” it actually means that that particular domain belongs to everyone. Ergo, free.

Public domain refers to anything that the people can freely use. It may refer to areas like community parks, playgrounds, unprotected natural land or wilderness areas, and buildings and structures like shopping malls or downtown squares.

As long as any one can stay at a place without fear of being accused of trespassing or loitering, then that place is considered public domain.

In addition to places, public domain may also refer to creative works. In legal parlance, this means intellectual property, or anything that results from the creative genius of man. This includes books, movies, art works, paintings, music, images, photographs, trademarks, and more.

All of this is normally protected by copyright laws, of course. However, copyright protection is not forever. Because of this, some people refer to it as “limited monopoly.” For they expire, too. Or, they were not applied on the particular body of intellectual property in the first place (i.e., works that were created before 1989).

Intellectual property that is not covered by copyright laws belongs to the public domain. Therefore, it is open to everyone who deems to use it.


So you know what a public domain is and what it comprises, question is: WHAT NOW? What has this got to do with making money?

The answer is…EVERYTHING.

The knowledge of public domain works, blended well with good business savvy and sound entrepreneurial sense could very well mean turning ideas (it doesn’t even have to be your ideas) into dollars.


You found the right place to ask that question. Because here, you will learn how to make public domain work for you in order to earn extra income.

Whether you are only out looking for some spare cash or hoping to establish the kind of big fortune most people only dream about, it is here that you will get your hands full with all the secrets involved.

Believe it. There is real money in the public domain. All you have to do is tap into the endless resources provided you by the Internet, and with a little help from us.

Specifically, here’s what you will learn:

  • How and where to find public domain works

  • How to prepare these public domain works for sale

  • How to market products online

  • Plus, links to essential web resources, articles, databases, free tools, and other hidden resources

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