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Voices – New Fiction by J. R. Kruze – Clean Romance

Voices - New J. R. Kruze Clean Romance

Are our dogs smarter than we are about our own love life?

John woke one morning to his dog talking in his head, telling he needed to exercise, eat, and dress better, since he was about to meet the love of his life.
Jo’s own dog told her how to dress that day and what to do in order to meet someone special.
All just in thoughts in their head. Of course, they couldn’t tell anyone that their dog’s had suddenly become telepathic.
But when John started talking to the young woman in front of him at a coffee shop he hardly ever visited. And when Jo met him for lunch “accidentally”, then set up a date the next day on an impulse.
You had to think those voices in their heads maybe had already figured this all out…
**Another clean, feel-good romance from J. R. Kruze – for lovers and dog afficianado’s everywhere.**


Beau, my black cockapoo mix, made me get some exercise that morning, and picked out that scarf for me. Even though it was going to be a hot day out. I thought dogs were color blind, but apparently not so much. The yellows and golds in that scarf were to pull attention to my face, as Beau considered my russet blouse to be too boring.

Yes, he was in my head all morning. And had a few comments about the pounds I needed to lose. At least he was used to me walking around in my underwear as I tried different slacks until finally settling on a charcoal-gray mid-length skirt that would narrow my hips a bit.

Funny, but Beau said bigger hips were more becoming, it was a taut tummy and waist that were the real points to work on. The contrast made the rest stand out as accents.

How dogs figure this stuff out – was because they spend so much time around humans? Or just their listening to the hen-clucking that goes on between friends?

Yes, they understand English – or whatever language we seem to think in, anyway.

He made sure I didn’t make my own brew this morning. Told the business center had perfectly good coffee, plus I was supposed to meet someone in a tan corduroy jacket today. While waiting in line somewhere.

I wondered about how he knew all this stuff while I was driving to work. Funny how leaving just 15 minutes earlier meant less traffic and an easier drive…

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