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Case of the Forever Cure: Fiction Writing – Cruze, Brower

Case of the Forever Cure: Fiction Writing - Cruze, BrowerWhy I was brought in to solve a mystery of people getting and staying healthy was a bit curious on its own. 

They were all terminally ill. And in quarantine. Yet one nurse and her student “angels of death” had been able to reverse this deadly disease that modern “medicine’ had created through their own negligence.
Most of the big city hospitals had these outbreaks, and had sent their worst cases out to live their lives in suburban hospices – often unknown to those locals. And if their quarantine security failed, an incurable plague could spread and decimate the human population by at least half – to start with.
Whoever had hired me wanted to know what those healed people were going to do – for anyone could see a huge litigation potential from being cured. But not if they died. For dead people can’t talk – or sue.
At least to stay anonymous, my financiers had to stay off my radar and out of my hair.
Or the head nurse would help me find out how they created this mess that she was solving without their help…

Case of the Forever Cure: Fiction Writing – Cruze, Brower


It wasn’t any real surprise to me that these patients started getting better.

But my methods were unorthodox, and had been kept a secret for nearly half a century at this point. I was called in as a last resort by some very insistent, and very connected family of one of the patients.

And now he’s fine, but neither I or him or anyone else can talk to anyone outside.

Well, I’ve got this detective fellow named Johnson who somehow wangled a way into my over-booked schedule. 30 minutes a day. Uninterrupted. And that’s a miracle all on its own.

Typically, we are understaffed. And all volunteer. None of us were expected to ever return from the quarantine. But all their doctors and nurses had gotten ill as well, so they’d asked – no, begged for people to basically suicide in order to help these people live out their last days with some sort of dignity.

They got half the number they wanted, which was twice what they actually expected.

But they were city folks. Pretty cold and pessimistic. Hard to get a smile out of them.

And that was our secret weapon – infectious smiles. Works every time. Because you have to heal from the inside out, not just pile on more drugs and pills.

The main trouble was with the quarantine security equipment. The technicians to fix it were also sick. If it failed before we got this outbreak under control, it would roll through all the population of this suburb and those beyond it like no plague before it. And the infected would spread it further, all within a few hours of contacting it. All innocent carriers.

What was worst, it left babies alone. The ones that needed help the most. That was why we were here, originally. To solve why the babies weren’t getting sick – and feed them and change them and cuddle them meanwhile.

But when the last of the nurses collapsed, we had to break into the worst areas and sacrifice ourselves. Because the walls were all glass, and we could see the entire ward from the maternity section. Damned if we were just going to stand there and watch them all die…

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