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Last Witch Dance – New Fiction Writing by S. H. Marpel

Last Witch Dance - New Fiction Writing by S. H. MarpelThe old coven was destroyed and one witch remained to rule them all.

Her power was absolute, and it came from those she vanquished.

The last rite to perform was the Dance – where all these powers and their personalities were unified into a single force.

Without that core immersion, the powers and personalities would war with each other forever – inside her mind.

This had only been attempted once in all known history. And failed, fragmenting all these powers across the worlds in the wider omni-verse.

But Hyperia knew she wouldn’t make the same mistake this time – not as she had those 15,000 years before…

(Warning: contains cliffhanger…)

Last Witch Dance – New Fiction Writing by S. H. Marpel


My name is Hyperia and I’m the Be-All and End-All. Beyond good and evil and before they even existed. I’ve come here to reverse their long division and bring this universe back to its native state.

It’s taken thousands of years of study and practice to align all the elements into their best, most optimal alignment.

This coven is now back together and is the last step necessary to revert the changes.

These thoughts I sent to all present. These four witches present heard me.

Dixie – the element of water – had organized it, as I knew she would. She alone had access to the books and scrolls. Because I let her. And why she lost her memory first. Now she sat there in her skimpy black-and-white patterned top thinking she knew something under that flowing chestnut hair about running a business.

The news is, that’s nothing compared to running a universe.

It won’t matter shortly, as all her knowledge will be mine.

Raven, as wind, was all in black from hair to the floor. Dressed mostly in leather other than that thin, revealing knit top under her jacket. She was the most recent, because she needs to recover the least of her knowledge. I only need her spirit as part of mine, and then I’ll bring back all the “lost” data she thinks are missing.

Ruby – the element of fire – was probably closest in her outfit. All browns and tans, even her russet hair. She had been learning a little in the past few days, but it wasn’t enough to figure anything out. And I knew what she’d “mis-remembered” or would when her mind was mine again.

And Beth, as earth, looked so ridiculous with her blond hair all coiled above her head, her gaudy makeup and that “come-hither” long blue satin gown. Of course, I’d helped her with those choices. Because she needed to be both out of the way and attract everyone to come here.

I began the incantation. The space around them, along with the oak table they sat at, all began to swirl and twist in on itself. And soon all that they were and had been would be me.

The dance was beginning. We would soon become one, under my leadership and pure force of will. And then the universe would become whole again, as it was long before these puny humans on this planet wrote down in their fictional histories.

I took the first moves, and now the four dancers with me were now moving to my gestures and timing. Too soon, the dance would be complete and all would be again well with this universe…

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