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The Girl Who Became Tomorrow – J. R. Kruze – New Parable

The Girl Who Became Tomorrow - J. R. Kruze - Fiction ParablesOur planet’s population was addicted – to their own brain chemistry.

Because their own electronic gizmo’s made them that way.

Built and sold by people who had only their own selfish greed as motivation.

The problem was that their own narcissism kept them from thinking anyone else would ever find out. Because they had already paid off the politicians of most of the largest nations.

They thought themselves above any laws – even when they hired some terrorist mercenaries to bomb their competition.

That just set in motion an unknown force that now had “nothing to lose.”

This story isn’t about some corporation taking on the government and other vested interests just to help humanity for a noble cause – although that happened, too.

It’s about a very brilliant genius girl who found herself in the cross-hairs of all those above.

The first thing she had to do this morning was survive her own office exploding around her…

The Girl Who Became Tomorrow – J. R. Kruze – Fiction Parables


I tore off the headset with it’s VR goggles and earbuds. They skidded across my massive desk, scattering papers and files like a mini cyclone. Only stopping when they wrapped around the very solid, unmovable gray base of Lady Liberty.

Someone had cast her as a thick bronze piece, originally someone’s classless idea of a lamp support. I took out all that wiring and plugged that hole so she again stood for something. It’s original message of friendship between two nations, united in the birthdate of independence and freedom, had been altered by marketing to mean asking to be sent “…huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

But those weren’t my favorite lines, which were at the beginning, “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!”

I stood at that, and walked over to the two walls of plate glass, floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked that N’Yack harbor. Clear days would allow you so see that Lady standing with her back to us, far out there.

And my thoughts always went back to my own grandmother and her grandmother – who had started and fostered a lineage of independent geniuses, ones who kept that legacy of pushing forward the technologies of this culture.

They didn’t come here through that harbor, but instead were born and raised in the Heartland. Extreme geniuses with talent far beyond their time, education, and sex.

All we ever wanted was to improve the quality of life for the average person. Longer, more fulfilling lives. Technology that helped people reach their inner, greater resources that were always just below the surface. Just asking to be put to use.

Along with that natural-born freedom to think, to innovate, to create a better world than the one we each were born into.

And now most of our progress was crashing down to a dull brown mud of addicted conformity and blind compliance – all to get a dopamine rush as payment.

That’s what I thought as I looked far out across that harbor, looking for the real Gray Lady out there. Not for long.

Because right then, I got a blinding flash of intuition and my reflexes soared me into action. Literally.

I ran, jumped, and flew across to the other side of my up-armored desk, where I landed and curled into a reverse ball of tucked knees and arms. A ball that rolled to a stop back under that tiny desk crawlspace. Just before the explosion blew what was left of those two glass walls out into the streets below. And ignited the rest of my former office into a fireball.

At least that’s what they later told me happened…

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