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Ghost Hunters Canon 01 by S. H. Marpel, et al.

Ghost Hunters Canon 01 by S. H. Marpel. et al.“It was a dark and stormy night, and everyone was sitting around the glowing fireplace, safe and warm against the raging weather outside. Someone said, ‘John, tell us a story.’ So John began…”

The story “Ghost Hunters” started a series with two spirit-guides recruiting the human John Earl Stark, a mystery writer and part-time cattle farmer.

Since that humble beginning, more spirit-guides and even goddesses have joined the Library’s team to help ghosts and other beings in trouble to solve their own mysteries.

And then John writes up their stories all as fiction – because no one would believe these tales otherwise.

But the stage was set from that first book – that all life should be treated with respect, and the way to solve a mystery is to get the story told.

This first canon is part of a complete collection of 38 stories that enlighten, entertain, and inspire readers over and over. Because they are written simply, and not as throwaway fiction, as stories that you get something new from each reading.

Mysteries that seem to be re-writing themselves in between readings – because they change the reader with the ideas in them.

And after his first two years of writing, this writer shows no signs of slowing down his prolific output. Because he’s just working to keep up with all the stories that keep appearing.

These stories is pretty straight forward if you stick to reading them in sequence. So – that is what I recommend.

With canons, reading is simpler.

The second canon picks up where the first left off.  That will be your next assignment. It’s on you if you read out of order.

Never before published into single volumes, these stories will leave you wondering why no one has treated ghosts like this before. But then, if you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you appreciate such treatment?

Yes, even if you’re a goddess. Those, too.

This first canon contains:

Ghost Hunters Anthology 01

Ghost Hunters

Why Vampires Suck At Haunting

When Fireballs Collide

Ghost Exterminators Inc.

Ghost Hunters Anthology 02

The Haunted Ghost



The Ghost Who Loved

Ghost Hunters Anthology 03


Harpy’s Desires

The 95% Solution

The Case of a Cruising Phantom

The Spirit Mountain Mystery

Ghost Hunters Anthology 04

The Harpy Saga: Sister Mine

Harpy Redux

The Case of the Sunken Spirit

A Case of Missing Wings


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