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The Healers Chronicles – New Speculative Fiction by Kruze, Brower, Marpel

The Healers Chronicles - New Speculative Fiction by Kruze, Brower, MarpelWalking down the highway – barefoot, feverish, and in only a nightgown.

At least the storm had quit.

Now if I could get my chattering teeth to stop, it would help – maybe.

Up ahead, I see some stopped cars. Some have their lights on. Maybe I can get help. Too bad I can’t travel any faster the way I am.

That’s odd. Nobody in them. Lights on, but no one at home.

Except for a crying baby. And no one answers my calls either.

No, I can’t leave her alone. At least there’s a shawl they left with her and her blankets.

So she and I are on the road again. At least she quieted down. Just ahead is the next town, which is only a couple of painful miles ahead.

Me and the baby have something else in common besides my barefoot walking and feeling alone…

None of us remember what happened to get us here.

This anthology contains:

– The Healers Chronicles: Birthdays – 01 by S. H. Marpel
– The Healers Chronicles: Origins
– Lazurai Homecoming by J. R. Kruze, S. H. Marpel
– The Lazurai by J. R. Kruze
– Ham & Chaz by C. C. Brower, J. R. Kruze
– The Lazurai Returns by J. R. Kruze, C. C. Brower
– The Healers Chronicles: Miracles by S. H. Marpel


I woke up not remembering much of how I got here, where I was, or who I used to be.

There were two babies, one on each side of me, who were sleeping soundly. All of us in a big bed that was soft and warm.

My hair and white muslin nightgown were drenched. Like I’d been out in the rain with them. Even soaked the sheets a bit.

But the babies were both dry.

I could hardly move from where I was, since the top sheet and quilted patchwork comforter had been tucked in around all of us so tight.

A little work at loosening these from under the babies allowed me to carefully scoot up a bit to more of a lounging position. The extra pillows helped me not have to go all the way to vertical and wake up those cherub-faced infants on each side of me.

At least I could take in the room.

Being alive, at least, was a plus.

If I woke up without any memories, I at least was in good company. These two had none or few yet themselves.

Then I heard steps come up the hallway. I’d soon find which door led out. But the question of who was coming in made my heart race a bit…

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