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“Hail to the Fraud” Bundle – 3 Anthologies in One

Hail to the Fraud Bundle - 3 Anthologies in One

Three largish anthologies, just barely over 1600 pages and nearly 485K words. Plenty of good reading for this longish election “season” we are having.

The Last President is based on an 1896 book by Ingersoll Lockwood. Written over 130 years ago, it’s surprisingly accurate in many incidents the author laid out. So much so that a review by Newsweek got a fact-check rating by Snopes as “mostly true”.

– Mobs forming and riots erupting immediately after the election results were announced.

– Those mobs pressed forward to the site where the current Trump Towers stand, but were stopped by armed forces. (The “Women’s March” started on the east side and was prevented from reaching Trump International by police barricades.)

– The new President having the full support of Congress and “nothing to stand between him and the realisation of those schemes…”

– The majority of the votes came from the South, which made the North worried. (ie. Red States vs. Blue.)

– The Supreme Court, having many in advanced age, and possible vacancies upcoming.

– Inauguration day was heavily overcast.

– A “Pence” was in his cabinet.

– The Senate “now took on a spirit of extreme acrimony…” and quit adjourning for the holidays.

Added to two stories by Lockwood (featuring a sequel about a “Baron” Trump who visited Russia to meet a “Don” for advice about what to to with all his wealth.

Also added is a series of original fiction by four authors over the last three years. All short stories, mosly satirical, and which comment on our current scene during this last presidency (while obviously in fictional worlds…)

“The Last President” itself has been a continuing top-selling book on Amazon for the last four years (not surprisingly, perhaps…)

Hail to the Fraud: A Golden Age Space Opera Tales Anthology is an even dozen space opera stories that deal with politics and elections as seen through the genre of space opera as written between the 1930’s and 1950’s (although a classic by Rudyard Kipling crept in, and is just as at home as the other stories with aliens, space travel, and ray guns.

Hail to the Fraud: Imposters and Cheats, Fakes and Hoaxes, Politicians and False Elections – is an anthology of two books. One by P. T. Barnum tells you the supposedly factual tales of “humbugs, delusions, impositions, quackeries, deceits and deceivers generally, in all ages” many of these Barnum personally witnessed. The second story is from Bram Stoker (of “Dracula” fame) about his studies of famous imposters under ten different categories. All very close to some individuals you may have seen as elected politicians (or making various failed efforts to become one.)

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These three books are sold separately in both digital and paperback formats and can be found through almost any online bookseller.

For a limited time, we are offering you these three for a dollar each – or whatever else you think they are also worth. A minimum of just three dollars gets you the ebooks in three formats (epub, mobi, and PDF) which will work on any ereader that is currently supported (as well as a few of those antiques which are still younger than these last two candidate for U. S. President…)

Only available until Midnight January 20th.

Anthology containing:

  • Hail to the Fraud: Imposters and Cheats, Fakes and Hoaxes, Politicians and False Elections by R. L. Saunders, Various
  • The Last President Anthology by Ingersoll Lockwood, R. L. Saunders, Various
  • Hail to the Fraud: A Golden Age Space Opera Tales Anthology by R. L. Saunders, Various

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