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How to Write Less and Profit More – Version 2.0

How to Write Less and Profit More - Version 2.0(New Revision with even more high-profit tips…)

Hidden in the book you’re writing right now is a way to get more royalties.

Deep in the heart of the ever-growing self-publishing jungle, there’s a profitable underserved market which is not easily discovered. It sits in a clearing by itself, much like a massive stone temple rising above the forest. …A temple with some gold-filled rooms.

We saw such an expedition hinted at by another well-known writer who began to pull down 6-figure income over the last couple of years with his non-fiction short story books. But he never really explored the opportunities this area has. In carefully re-tracing his path, it showed me the turns he didn’t take.

A three year test of the various maps and suggestions by publishing trail guides found many dead-end, false trails. But those maps that actually led to riches show that anyone can follow these and spend less time and money while writing books that can be published thorugh a “write once, publish several ways” strategy

This path told more about how to really use short reads as a business strategy. How to cement those 6-figures that other writers reported. What I’ve discovered even accelerates their progress, leveraging more profit from less writing, but still winding up with more salable books each year than they did.

There’s a long-ignored group of readers which know the value of keeping books around to read when they can.

They have been called Coffee Break Readers. But have been around, reading, since books first got published. They’re anyone who has limited time to read for whatever reason. Their commute, their lunch break, while waiting at airports…

These people aren’t stuck into a certain author, it’s more like the certain type of entertainment they want: short stories which they can read in their available time.

  • The simple idea is that you can spend two months writing and editing an 80,000 word book and sell it for 4.99 on Kindle.
  • Or – you could publish eight 10,000 word books and publish them for 2.99, then come right back to offer the box set for another 4.99.

Which approach would make you more royalties?

  • If you use your books to generate email subscribers, which approach would generate more leads?
  • How about value? Which would you rather buy – one book at 4.99 or a box set of 8 books for 4.99?

But you’ve written the same amount of text in both cases, spent roughly the same amount of time writing (although more on covers and descriptions) for possibly four times the royalties or even more…

And then there’s the point that there are far fewer books in these categories – particularly since the “conventional wisdom” says that longer books sell more.

This is an update of Short Story Publishing – but without the hype and wrong turns.

  • Also included are four specific marketing tactics that short story authors can do that regular long-form authors can’t easily accomplish.
  • And these tactics work on all publishing outlets out there – if you are putting out ebooks or print books or both.

Yes, if your short books are written well, they can be published in a collected set as a “big book”, while the individual stories whet their appetite while your readers wait to find out what happens to those characters. (These are called “serials”.) And these tactics aren’t being widely encouraged by the Big 5 Publishers or conventional wisdom.

This book itself is a test of this short story publishing system. While itself is published in multiple formats, I cover inside how to use these various formats to further increase your royalties and book discovery.

The kicker is that both the original book and this revision each were a three-day turnaround from starting to published works. (Or I could have sent them off for more proofing and written two more short short stories while waiting for it to return.)

How much income do you want to make this year?

Would you like to make more income for the same amount of writing?

Your choice.

Scroll up to get your copy today.

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