Monday, March 21, 2005

Pew - the Campaign Finance Reform stinks

Looks like another is on the bandwagon about how liberal charities influence government actions. Nothing like special interest groups having their way...

Nice to see this on the Journal site - perhaps Fox will take it up?


So instead, according to Mr. Treglia, liberal reform groups created a Potemkin movement. A study last month by the Political Money Line, a nonpartisan Web site dealing with campaign funding issues, found that of the $140 million spent to directly promote liberal campaign reform in the last decade, a full $123 million came from just eight liberal foundations. Many are the same foundations that provide much of the money for such left-wing groups as People for the American Way and the Earth Action Network. The "movement" behind campaign-finance reform resembled many corporate campaigns pushing legislation. It consisted largely of "Astroturf" rather than true "grass-roots" support.

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