Monday, March 21, 2005

There is a way to have a better future

It is created by living it now.

To win the lottery, you have to consider (and very strongly) that you have already won the lottery, which includes detailed plans of what to do with the money. And then you have to buy at least one lottery ticket a week - or find one on the ground somewhere (but you will at least have to look for it...).

It really is that simple.

Optimism (just like pessimism) takes practice. Life is no free ride, you get back in floods/spades what you put into it. So put in very good things and you will get out very good things. Means you have to control your temper and help others around you control theirs. And you will probably have to work hard at what ever you do and keep in good mental and physical shape, plus setting a good example for others around you.

But I'm not going to tell you what to do, you'll have to work this out for yourself. Take the Golden Rule as an operating basis and then the rest will follow. If that's how you'd like to be treated, then so be it. For that is the future you will inherit. That is why things are happening to you like they are - for good or bad.

But creativity and imagination are unlimited. And so one can change his life by working his brain a bit and making some decisions.

I hope to post some more on this soon. But suffice to say that winning the lottery and retiring to a life of philanthropy is in my future...

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