Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Latest and greatest

Going back to this old blog, my original feed, to keep up with things. I've been posting at Midwest Journal News, which was workable, but not effective on anything I wanted to get done. Originally, all this was an experiment in communication in this new medium of blogs, going into the idea of capturing some attention and this in turn lending into some ecommerce results - so that I could get out of some of the rather inane grunt work at my day job.

However, I've instead found my muse in all this and know that I just practically have to write and produce my artwork and sell both of these to get my pay. To do that, I have to make money to buy some time (pay existing bills and expand my equipment base) in order to do more art full time.

All of this rolls back to my own writings on personal analysis and that as-yet-unpublished comparative study of self-help classics.

Analyst, analyze thyself.

And so -- away we go!

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